Annual Municipal Privatization Plan – 2019

The Annual municipal privatization plan for 2019 corresponds to Sofia Municipal Council’s Resolution № 108 under Protocol № 71/ 28.02.2019.

List of self-contained parts of the property of municipal commercial corporations, municipal non-residential properties, not included in the property of municipal commercial corporations, and of projects of construction in progress, not included in the property of municipal commercial corporations, planned for privatization or in process for preparation for privatization during 2019.

REGULATED LOT III-428, distr. 15, Complex of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – 4th km area, Assen Yordanov Blvd.

LOT with identifier 68134.4336.2026 /REGULATED LOT XIV-2026/, distr.9, “Ovcha kupel” municipality

LOT with identifier 68134.4336.2025 /REGULATED LOT XV-2025/, distr.9, “Ovcha kupel” municipality

LOT with identifier 68134.4336.2024 /REGULATED LOT XVI-2024/ distr.9, “Ovcha kupel” municipality

REGULATED LOT XIII-2027 distr.9, “Ovcha kupel” municipality

REGULATЕD LOT ХІХ, distr.1, “Malinova dolina – ІІ” area, 202 St.

REGULATED LOT ІІІ-14, “Predgarov Ploshtad” area, № 99 “Br. Miladinovi” st.

LOT 169 in REGULATED LOT ІІІ, distr.3, № 297 “Tsarigradsko shosse” Blvd.

A terrain in a yard, representing REGULATED LOT VII-for public services, distr. 150 – “Poduiyane-Center”area

LOT with an identifier 02508.7.48 with buildings – identifiers 02508.7.48.1 and 02508.7.48.2, Balchik town, ”Dvoretsa” area, Primorska St.

Building, № 4 ”Shipchenski prohod” Blvd., distr.140, ”Geo Milev” area, LOT 22

Holiday Facility, Ashiklar village, Berkovitsa

LOT with identifier 07598.305.1048 with buildings –  identifiers 07598.305.1048.1, 07598.305.1048.2, 07598.305.1048.3, 07598.305.1048.4, 07598.305.1048.5 and 07598.305.1048.6, Biyala town, № 10 Tsar Samouil St.

Administrative building with basement, № 5 “P. Karavelov” st.

LOT with identifier 68134.4356.809 and 68134.4356.810

Separate Unit in a building with identifier 02659.2193.3021.1.6

Building with identifier 02659.2193.645.1, Bankya, Ivan Vazov St.

LOT with an identifier 02659.2195.2723, Bankya

Premises in a building, with identifier 32216.2299.785.1, Ivaniyane Village, “Stopanski dvor” St.

Separate Unit in a building with id.02659.2195.823.2, Bankya, №1 Petko D.Petkov St.

LOT and a building with identifier 02659.2193.3005, Bankya, №19 Hr. Smirnenski St.

Building with identifier 02659.2159.820.2, Bankya, №6 Kiril and Metodiy St.

LOT with identifier 02659.2196.975 and two 2-storeyed buildings, “Skakach” St., Bankya

LOT with project identifier 68134.1971.3258. representing Regulated LOT III, distr. 48, the extension of Kinozentera-I area

LOT with identifier 68134.1894.913 in Regulated LOT XVIII, distr. 68, Karpuzitsa area LOT with identifier 68134.1942.1170 in Regulated LOT IX, distr.60, Boyana distict area LOT with identifier 68134.1971.3285, Cherni vruch Blvd.

LOT with id. 68134.1982.1012,Vitosha Municipality, “Simeonovo-Dragalevtsi – II” area

Garage № 36, bl. № 22, “Sevastokrator Kaloyan” 63 St., Boyana

REGULATED LOT VІІІ-274, distr.70, “Vsevolod Garshin” St.

LOT with an identifier 68134.2048.2022, composed of Regulated LOT XI, distr.54, 1, Pogledet St., Simeonovo district

Real estate out of regulation  with identifier 68134.2815.266, near Lomsko shosse Blvd. LOT with identifier 68134.2813.52

LOT with identifier 68134.2820.2054 in Regulated LOT II -1067, distr.3, NPZ Orion and close residential areas

Building with id. 68134.2820.1999.1 in Regulated LOT IV, distr. 67v, Vrabnitsa-1 res.distr.

REG.LOT VIII, distr. 20A, NPZ Orion and close residential areas. 23th December St.

Separate Unit in a building with identifier 12084.2701.2658,2, Pobeda st., Voluyak village

LOT,  № 11 Ilarion Makariopolski St.

LOT at  № 11, Tsaribrodska St.

Shop with identifier 68134.30.13.285,  „Zona B-5” res.distr., bl.2, entr.B

LOT 11, distr.168, № 94 “Zaichar” St.

REGULATED LOT ХVІІ-6, distr.279А, № 193 “Zaichar” St.

LOT 21, distr.214, № 39 “Strandzha” St.

LOT 12, distr.168, № 96 “Zaichar” St.

Premises № 2 in bl., Zona B-5”, entr.D

LOT № 13, distr.232, № 134-134А “Pernik” st.

LOT № 14, distr.232, № 134-134А “Pernik” st.

Premises in bl.11-12 in „Zona B-19”

Premises in bl.12А, “Serdika” residential complex

LOT, 96, Tsaribrodska St

Part from a building near bl.56, “Dianabad” residential complex

LOT with an identifier 68134.1201.208,  “Banishora-Zona B-17” area, REGULATED LOT I-municipal.  distr.45a

LOT with an identifier 68134.1201.137,  “Banishora-Zona B-17” area, part from REGULATED LOT I, distr.49a

LOT with identifier 68134.1505.1785 with  buildings – id. 68134.1505.1785.1 and

id. 68134.1505.1785.2, Druzhba-2 res. complex., Reg. LOT I, distr. 4

LOT with project identifier 68134.1500.2811, Druzhba-1 res. complex, Reg. LOT I – 158, 351, distr. 77

LOT with project identifier 68134.1500.2291, representing a real part of Reg. LOT I, distr. 20. NPZ-south area

LOT with identifier 68134.1500.2344, “Druzhba-1” residential complex

Premises in a kiosk switch gear “Druzhba-1” residential complex, near bl.220

Premises in a kiosk switch gear “Druzhba -2” residential complex, near bl.313

Premises in a kiosk switch gear “Druzhba -2” residential complex, near bl.321

*REGULATED LOT ІІ-10, NPZ “Iskar sever” -І, distr.12a

Separate Unit in a building with id. 68134.1106.174 – a shop, Razsadnika res. complеx, bl. 31 1st fl., entr. D

LOT with id. 68134.1108.152, Reg. LOT II, distr.34, Krasna polyana area – for public services

LOT with id. 68134.1109.1436, Barite St.

Building with identifier 68134.1106.327.4, “Ilinden” residential complex, № 186 „Al. Stambolyiski” Blvd.

LOT with id. 68134.1114.158( Regulated LOT XI), distr. 133 – „Fakulteta” area

LOT with id. 68134.1114.201 representing a part from distr. 92 – „Fakulteta” area

LOT with id. 68134.1114.162, representing a part from distr. 92 – „Fakulteta” area

LOT with id. 68134.1109.1561, representing LOT with № 161, distr. 67 – „Fakulteta“area

LOT with id. 68134.1106.85(REG. LOT – XX- 219), distr. 70, Razsadnika -Konyovitsa area

LOT with identifier 68134.1114.1351 / LOT № 1322/, distr.131 – “Fakulteta” area

Separate Unit with id. 68134., 8a Damyan Gruev St., floor 01

Public WC, in Reg. LOT VII-1378, distr.1, “Slaviya park – Ovcha kupel” area,

130 Tsar Boris III Blvd.

REGULATED LOT VІІІ-608, distr.28 (previous 86), “Baba Iliytsa” St.

REGULATED LOT VІІ – municipal, distr.36 – “Hipodruma” area, № 4 “Neshovo” St.

LOT with id. 68134.209.113, distr. 256 – “Bukston-Sever”  area

REGULATED LOT VІІ, distr.9, “Kriva reka”, № 4 “Banitsa” St.

LOT with id. 68134.204.32, distr. 23 – Hipodruma, Sotir Andonov and Felix Kanits st.

LOT with identifier 68134.8270.121, Sarbin area, Seslavti distr.

LOT with an identifier 68134.8554.1406, “Vrazhdebna” distr.

LOT with an identifier 87401.751.419 and a building with id. 87401.751.419.1,

Yana village, 1 Sinchets St.

LOT with an identifier 6134.8270.758, Seslavti distr.  Sarbin St.

LOT with an identifier 6134.8360.487 with an 1-storeyed building  – 125 sq.m and 1-storeyed building – 37 sq.m, Botunets dstr., №5, Zornitsa St.

LOT with an identifier 6134.8554.51, Vrazhdebna distr., Vrazhdebna area

LOT with an identifier 6134.8554.1011, Botunets distr. Iskar St.

LOT with identifier 68134.8200.620 and a building with an id. 68134.8200.620.1, № 27 “St. Georgi Pobedonosets”St.

LOT with an identifier 68134.8555.315, “Vrazhdebna” distr., ”Yapadzha” St.

LOT with an identifier 22304.7979.509, Gerena area, Dolni Bogrov villlage

LOT with an identifier № 68134.8314.36, “Seslavtsi” residential complex

LOT with an identifier 68134.8727.30, “Benkovski” district, “Sredorek” area

LOT with identifier 22304.7979.508, Gerena area, Dolni Bogrov village

LOT with an identifier 68134.8555.605, “Botevgradsko shosse” blvd.

LOT with an identifier № 22304.7979.544, Gerena area, Dolni Bogrov village

LOT with an id. 68134.8360.1980 and a building with id. 68134.8360.1980.4,

“Botunets” residential complex, № 2,  Vasil Levski St.

LOT with an identifier 22304.7891.747 and 3 buildings with id. 22304.7891.747.1, 22304.7891.747.2, 22304.7891.747.3, Dolni Bogrov village, “4th” st.

LOT with identifier 68134.8552.167 and 2 buildings – id.68134.8552.167.1 and id 68134.8552.167.3, “Vrazhdebna” distr., “27th” St.

LOT  and a building with id. 07140.8092.1660(previous public bath), N. Bonev St., Buhovo

REGULATED LOT X-126, distr.23 – “NZP Hladilnika Vitosha” district

LOT with id. 68134.4359.395, distr. 30b, Lyulin res. complex – 10, Gotse Delchev St.

Building with id. 68134.4358.237.10

Building with id. 68134.4361.141.3,  Lyulin res. complex – 5, dist. 19b, Reg. LOT I – for kiosk switch gear and public services

LOT with id. 68134.438.539, representing Reg. LOT III– 28b distr. 30b, Lyulin – 8 area

Building with an id. 68134.4360.265.70, “Lyulin -7” residential complex, distr.10, in REGULATED LOT IV-for kiosks switch gears and public services, near bl.738

REGULATED LOT IV-308, distr.35a, “Lyulin- 8” residential complex

REGULATED LOT 18(38), distr.34а, “Lyulin- 8” residential complex – a part of LOT with identifier 68134.4358.38

REGULATED LOT II-324, 308, distr.35a, “Lyulin – 8” residential complex area

LOT wit identifier 68134.4355.1763, representing REGULATED LOT 8(1763), distr.60, “Slivnitsa Blvd.” area, located in 3v.”Obelsko shosse” St.

Building with id. 68134.4359.252.1, “Lyulin- 10” residential complex, distr.30v, REGULATED LOT I– for kiosks switch gears, near bl.107 Building with an id. 68134.4358.65.14, distr. 15, “Lyulin -9 residential complex – REG. LOT VI-for kiosks switch gears and complex public services, near bl.917

Separate Unit in a building with id. 68134.460.2791.51, bl. 743 1st fl, Lyulin residential area

LOT with an identifier 68134.4358.52 –  Regulated. LOT XI – 52, for a parking, distr. 83, “Liyulin -8” residential area

*LOT 6095 in REGULATED LOT V, distr.5, “Mladost-1”

*Premises, “Mladost” residential complex, bl.26 with an identifier 68134.4082.713.1.142

*Premises, “Mladost” residential complex, bl.26 with an identifier 68134.4082.713.1.143

*Premises, “Mladost” residential complex, bl.26 with an id. 68134.4082.713.1.141

Shop, “Mladost-1” residential complex, bl.11, en.G – iztok

LOT with identifier 68134.1381.2242 – 1242 sq.m, distr.62, 3 Yavor St

REGULATED LOT IV, distr.49b, “Nadezhda 2а and 2b” area

LOT 2118 in REGULATED LOT ХVІ, distr.73, “Nadezhda” area

LOT in REGULATED LOT ХХІ and building, distr.2- “Iliyantsi”,38 “Rozhen” Blvd

 *Premises in a kiosk switch gear, “Nadezhda-1” residential complex, neat bl.139

LOT with an identifier 68134.1381.2127, composed by Regulated LOT III – for a parking, distr. 28, “Tolstoy” area

LOT with an identifier 80409.5810.41, Chepintsi village

LOT with an identifier 80409.5867.108, included in Reg. LOT I – for an aqua park and infrastructure, dist. 111, Chepintsi village

LOT with an identifier 29430.4706.836 – Reg. LOT I – for collection/purchasing point., under the regulation plan of Zhiten village

LOT with an identifier 68134.408.2, № 53 “Vassil Drumev” st.

LOT with identifier 68134.4336.9504 /REGULATED LOT – XIII-municipal, distr.9/

LOT and a building with identifiers 39791.6003.3376 and 39791.6003.3376.1, Krivina village

Pancharevo Health services, parts from a 3-storeyed building, № 1 Vukova koriya st., Pancharevo village

3rd floor from a building with identifier 39791.6003.3374.14.2, Kivina village

3-storeyed building with identifier 55419.6704.902.2, Pancharevo village

LOT  with identifier 39791.6003.239 (Reg. LOT VII- 233 and Reg. LOT VIII – 233, distr. 21) with buildings, Krivina village

REGULATED. LOT III – 458, distr.64, Hadji Dimitar res. complex, Panayot Hitov St.

Separate Unit in a building with id. 68134.600.2153.1.101 (workshop № 1), Hadji Dimiar res. complex, 5A Gradinarska St., 6thfloor

Separate Unit in a building with id. 68134.600.2153.1.102 (workshop № 2), Hadji Dimiar res. complex, 5A Gradinarska St., 6thfloor

Separate Unit in a building with id. 68134.600.2153.1.103 (workshop № 3), Hadji Dimiar res. complex, 5A Gradinarska St., 6thfloor

Separate Unit in a building with id. 68134.600.2153.1.104 (workshop № 4), Hadji Dimiar res. complex, 5A Gradinarska St., 6th floor

Separate Unit in a building with id. 68134.619.54.2.110, “Levski –V” res. complex, bl. 13, entr. D. 1st floor

LOT with identifier 68134.604.158, “Suha reka” residential complex

LOT with identifier 68134.609.20, “Levski – Zona V” res. Complex

LOT with ident. 68134.609.364, “Levski – Zona V” res. Complex

LOT with ident. 68134.609.365, “Levski – Zona V” res. Complex

LOT with identifier 68134.613.39, “Neofit Bozveli” st.

LOT with identifier 68134.613.44, “Suha reka” residential  complex

LOT with identifier 68134.613.43, “Suha reka” residential  complex

LOT with an identifier 68134.610.859 /REGULATED LOT VIII-859, № 11 Hr. Pavlovich St., distr. 12d – “Suha reka – zapad” area

Part from LOT with identifier 68134.614.350, Botevgradsko shosse blvd.

LOT with identifier 68134.503.1558, Benkovski district

LOT with an identifier 68134.512.238, “Kitna” St.

LOT with an identifier 68134.512.640, “Kitna” St.

LOT (№ 393), distr. 164, “Kiril Parlichev” st. and “Kom” St.

LOT with an identifier 68134.504.10, Benkovski district

Premises, “Zhelezopatna” St., behind The Community Center

LOT with identifier 68134.708.65, distr. 17, Hristo Botev area, № 60 of 527th St.

LOT with identifier 68134.705.148, distr. 211 from REG. LOT I – Hristo Smirnenski – Slatina area

LOT with identifier 68134.702.2026, Beethoven St.

LOT with identifier 68134.702.2022, Beethoven St.

Premises in a kiosk switch gear with id. 68134.73.280.1, Shipchenski prohod Blvd., between bl. 27 and 27a

REGULATED LOT- for communal and public construction, Yordan Yossifov st., distr.107 – “ Studentski grad”

REGULATED LOT III, “for communal and public construction”, distr.53A, “Studentski grad” district, “Dr. G.M.Dimitrov” Blvd.

REGULATED LOT I-1358, distr.53, “Studentski grad” district, “Dr. G.M.Dimitrov” Blvd.

REGULATED LOT II, “for complex public sevices”, distr.53 А, “Studentski grad”, “Ivan Bagrianov” st.

REGULATED LOT ІІІ45, №104 “Nikola Gabrovski” st.

REGULATED LOT ІІІ44, №106 “Nikola Gabrovski” st.

LOT with identifier 68134.1604.6092, “Prof. Stoyan Kirkovich” st.

Garage (subterranean), “Metlichina polyana” st. near bl.114

* Real estate with pending cases

** Real estate with contract to be signed for