These are the public and private organizations and companies supporting us to promote Sofia City as an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs.

Sofia Municipality 

Sofia City is the biggest municipality in Bulgaria – in terms of size and population.

It is also the biggest district economy in the country.

It provides to its inhabitants the highest living standard compared to the rest of the country.

Contact Details:

3, “Moskovska” st.,
1000, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 700 17 310, + 359 (2) 9377 303

Vienna Business Agency

Vienna Business Agency is Vienna’s official investment promotion agency. The Agency supports Vienna’s development as a business location, positions the Austrian capital in the international economic environment, looks after international companies settling in Vienna, and is the first point of contact for expats arriving in the city.
Vienna Business Agency provides companies in the city with a “360° service”: funding and advice, workshops and coaching for start-ups, assistance with the search for industrial space or office premises, contacts to potential partners in the technology scene or creative industries.


Contact Details:

Mariahilfer Straße 20,
1070 Wien, Austria
Phone: + 43 1 4000 86 70

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

BCCI is an independent, non-governmental organization for assistance, promotion, representation and protection of the business interests of its members, which contributes to the development of international economic cooperation and provides assistance for the European and international integration of the Republic of Bulgaria.

BCCI seeks to establish straightforward and ethical relations among the business circles.

BCCI and the 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry are united in the Unified System of Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce and Industry which has about 53 000 members – traders, corporations, associations, etc.

A Council of Sectorial Organisations has been established and operates with BCCI. Its main objectives are to facilitate the dialogue between public institutions and businesses , and to balance the interests of sectorial organisations in connection with the main issues related to creating a favorable environment for the development of Bulgarian business. 104 sectorial organizations are members of the Council.

Contact Details:

9, “Iskar” str.,
1058, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 811 74 00, + 359 (2) 987 21 31;

Municipal Guarantee Fund for Small & Medium Enterprises

The Municipal Guarantee Fund for Small & Medium Enterprises (MGFSME) is a specialized body of Sofia Municipal Council that supports the development and competitiveness of SMEs.  The Fund’s main objective is to facilitate the access to bank lending and to shorten the deadlines for obtaining credit by small and medium-sized companies.

Its resources are gathered from the municipal privatization and are allocated in the form of credit guarantees to companies registered or operating in Sofia Municipality.

The Fund is in cooperation with 13 banks. MGFSME guarantees up to 50% of credit to small businesses, but not more than 100 000 leva.

So far, the Fund has supported over 580 companies and has facilitated the lending of more than 106 million leva.

MGFSME also offers consulting services for SMEs in the fields of law, accounting, enterprise management, applications for EU funding and international certification.

Contact Details:

4, “11th August”,
1000, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 980 99 28,

Inter Expo Center

A company organizing and hosting international & local specialised exhibitions and business events (congresses, conferences, seminars, promotions, presentations, ceremonies, company celebrations, etc.).

IEC is also experienced in stand design and construction, offers advertising services, logistics and custom services.

The events are organised in the exhibition and congress halls of Inter Expo and Congress Center.

Contact Details:

147, Blvd. “Tsarigradsko shose”,
1784, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 9655 220, 4013 220
Fax: + 359 (2) 9655 230, + 359 (2) 4013 230


Sofia Tech Park

Technology and Innovation Network (T+IN) or “Sofia Tech Park” is the first science and technology park in Bulgaria designed and created to act as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between academia, business, government and society.

The Park is a strategic project of Bulgaria and the EU, focused on the development of innovation, science and new technologies.

Apart from modern infrastructure and laboratory equipment, the park also provides professional services to technology-based companies in the process of incubation.

A number of events are being organized in T+IN , including forums on entrepreneurship, innovation and science, in cooperation with leading universities and technology companies.

Contact Details:

111B, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd,
1784, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 447 28 80
Fax: + 359 (2) 447 28 98

Confederation of Employers & Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB)

KRIB is “the voice of the Bulgarian business”.

The Confederation actively supports for the development of the business climate in Sofia and Bulgaria. The organization works to raise the competitiveness  of the Bulgarian economy and the companies operating in Bulgaria and assists in sharing best business practices among its members.

KRIB operates 128 regional representations all over the country, unites 80 branch organizations in all economic sectors, is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as a founder of the Bulgarian National Committee of ICC.

Contact Details:

8, “Han Asparuh” St.
1463, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 981 9169
Fax: + 359 (2) 988 6776

Association of Commercial Building Owners in Bulgaria (ACBO)

ACBO is a non-governmental organization founded in 2013. The members of the association are more than 20 companies, owners of commercial buildings with total TBA of more than 500 000 sqm, located in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Association of commercial building owners in Bulgaria is a member of the Confederation of the employers and industrialists in Bulgaria and of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association.

Contact Details:

2, “Tsar Osvoboditel” Blvd.
1000, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 948 55 77
Fax: + 359 (2) 945 90 94

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Enterprise Europe Network is the largest global business network. It was established by the European Commission to support the internationally orientated small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Network unites over 600 business & research organizations from more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.  In Bulgaria, EEN is represented by a consortium of 12 organizations.

The services of the Enterprise Europe Network include:

  • – support with the identification of strategic business and project partners via direct access to the Europe’s largest business co-operation database and engagement in business missions and B2B meetings;
  • – provision of advice and trainings on European legislation and standards, new market entry requirements, intellectual property protection and funding opportunities;
  • – support for effective innovation management and financing in SMEs.

Contact Details:

9, “Iskar” St.
1058, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 811 75 05

Health & Life Sciences Cluster


The BioTech Cluster launched in 2018, with more than 50 organizations already part of it.

The cluster operates regionally, nationally and internationally. Its main purpose is to foster collaboration between academia, R&D, entrepreneurs, investors and the state in order to facilitate the transformation of ideas into products.

Another task of the cluster is to improve the national and international image of the cluster participants, to carry out initiatives to stabilize the industry image, to organize fairs and exchanges. The organization supports scientists, inventors and start-ups, through a business network of proven companies and experts in various fields.

Contact Details:

12 Hadzhi Dimitar Str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 888 531345

British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA)

BBBA was launched in January 2015, with full support from the British Embassy, to promote business relations between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Bulgaria. Currently, the Association has 180 members from all aspects of British and Bulgarian Business.

BBBA is a dynamic professional network, which provides a platform to facilitate dialogue and business among its members. The organization cooperates with various business associations in Bulgaria and the UK, to provide to its members the opportunity to connect with potential business partners.

BBBA aims to provide a professional environment for business people and individuals who make up the British-Bulgarian business community.

Contact Details:

111 “Bulgaria” blvd., Building A, Fl. 6
1408, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 (2) 495 22 27

 Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria has stood behind the businesses for more than a decade, supporting them successfully in their processes of internationalization. The ICCB organizes events to facilitate the access of Italian companies to the Bulgarian market, promotes contacts do to business and takes action by informing and communicating, through constant monitoring of the tendencies of the different sectors.

The ICCB is part of the Association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (Assocameraestero, that counts 77 Chambers in 54 different countries in the world, with 140 offices and more than 18 thousand members, among which 88% are local companies that operate with Italy.

Contact Details:

Knyaghinya Maria Luisa 2, Business center TZUM

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 (2) 846 32 80/1