Investment Opportunities in Sofia Related to Urban Development, Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Thermal Bath “Gorna Bania”:

It occupies 685 sq.m. of edifices and 3 park areas.

It could be developed as a Spa and healing thermal centre with all its joined facilities.

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Thermal Bath “Ovcha Kupel”:

It consists of three storey building with 1 321 sq.m. building area.

Sofia municipality has developed projects to transform the area into a Spa centrе.

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Aqua Park “Chepintsi”: 

Aqua park Chepintsi is located in Chepintsi village, 8 km. away from the Sofia city centre.

Its area reaches around 350 000 sq. m. and it also includes hot mineral springs with proven healing effects.

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“West Park” Project: 

West Park is the second biggest park in Sofia with an area of 1.17 sq. m.

It is an attractive place for the residents of seven neighborhoods.

The municipality provides 50-55 acres of the park area for investments in the construction of kids playgrounds, restaurants, cafe shops, and bars.

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“North Park” Project: 

18 500 sq. m. relax area for the residents of “Nadezhda” neighborhood.

Investment opportunity in the construction of planned sports facilities.

The thermal spring “Svoboda-Nadezhda” is closely located which provides an opportunity for the construction of a Spa complex.

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