Development of the Thermal Baths in “Ovcha Kupel” & “Gorna Bania”

Among the capitals in the world, Sofia has one of the richest deposits of mineral waters. According to written sources, the healing springs in Sofia were used as early as 2 400 years ago.

The old thermal baths in Ovcha Kupel and Gorna Bania are unique cultural and architectural heritage.

Ovcha Kupel and Gorna Bania baths are transferred under the state of Sofia municipality; the aim is to find funds for the restoration of the historic buildings.

“Aqua Park Chepintsi” is a project that complements Sofia’s mineral water wealth. Click here to learn more about it.

“Gorna Bania” Project

Built in 1915, it occupies 685 sq.m. of edifices and 3 park areas.

The surrounding regions will be further developed as cottage and resort areas.

“Gorna Bania” bath could be a Spa and healing thermal centre with all its joined facilities.


“Ovcha Kupel” Project

Built in 1933, it consists of three storey building with 1 321 sq.m. building area.

Located in the middle of a park area.

Sofia municipality has developed projects to transform the area into a Spa centrе.


Potential investors are welcome to contact our team to learn more about the investment opportunities of ``Gorna Bania`` and ``Ovcha Kupel`` projects