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Image source: www.vivacom.bg

Vivacom has opened a lab for testing smart solutions in a real environment that will also be accessible for startups developing intelligent technologies. The lab named Vivacom Tech Hall provides coverage of high-speed mobile and fixed networks such as 4.5G, Fiber Net, LoRa and NB Iot. Furthermore, this will be probably the first place in Sofia to launch the 5G network of the telecom.

Vivacom’s smart services demonstrated in the laboratory also include air quality monitoring system that measures the level of carbon monoxide, fine particulate matter, air humidity, and atmospheric pressure. The system enables upgrading with forecasting models for a period of 24 to 48 hours, according to the telecom.

The center can also demonstrate how the pilot project of the company for smart parking works. The system registers in real time the number of employees and free parking spaces at a specific location, equipped with sensors. It also includes alarm alerts when paid parking time is over.

In addition, Vivacom Tech Hall also demonstrates smart water meters and power meters. Smart water meters measure the value of the measured water volume remotely, including retrospectively. Smart power meters measure consumption, but also the actual power supply status of the customer reads tariff charts, controls the power supply of the final customer – turning on / off.

The face recognition system recognizes faces in video surveillance and compares them with database images, prints or stores them. The smart application counts and analyzes the human flow in the building, visitor behavior, recognizes and compares vehicle registration numbers.

Another solution involves continuous monitoring of containers (amount of waste, fire alarm, inverted container alarm, location). For this purpose, sensors are installed in separate waste collection containers. The sensors are specially designed for industrial conditions and are resistant to weather conditions. Their implementation aims to optimize waste collection and logistics.

Vivacom also announced that Vivacom Tech Hall will be open to the general public for events, lectures, and trainings in the field of new technologies. This is also the next step of the telecom in the education digitization initiative – “Education 4.0”.

You can see more about the lab in the videos at actualno.com