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Animoto, the first fully Bulgarian collaborative robot developed by Giga Automata, will enter mass production in the beginning of next year. Аll of the electronics of the Animoto cobot are manufactured entirely in Bulgaria and its price will be 10 000. During an interview with Economy.bg, Georgi Arabadzhiev, co-founder and manager of Giga Automata, stated that this is the lowest price on the European market. 

Animoto has already attracted a lot of interest among Bulgarian companies, especially in the food industry, which involves work on production lines and packaging activities, as well as in industries that include precision assembly activities, sensors and more. Despite the initial idea of first launching on an external market, Giga Automata is currently planning to prioritize automating the activities of companies on the domestic market.

Animoto is a standard collaborative robot that can work together with humans. It is capable of carrying a weight of up to 5 kg to a distance of one meter. With specific settings, it can paint, weld, work in logistics or perform other activities, depending on the specific needs of the enterprise. Animoto’s expected life cycle is 10 years.