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Why Sofia? with Vitesse Running – the First Virtual Running Coach with Workouts Created by Olympians

Vitesse Running is a mobile app for running enthusiasts with workouts created by the best long-distance runners in Bulgaria and participants in Rio 2016- Militsa Mircheva and Yolo Nikolov. 

Vitesse Running is a great solution that is highly useful for beginners and advanced runners alike. The virtual coach in the app generates a plan for each user according to their level and their training days preferences. It later adapts the plan according to the user’s performance. The workouts are meant to show beginners how exciting and diverse the running can be, and also prepare professionals for competitions. 

“The main problem that runners at different levels face when using other apps is that even though they provide good detailed data to their users, that data is not analyzed and presented comprehensively “. – shares Martin Markov, co-founder and adds: ‘’Our goal was to create a mobile app that collects all the data that can be gathered from the user’s device and analyze it by using artificial intelligence in the process. Then we present that data in the form of running tips that we plan to make more personalised for each user’’. 


Workouts by Olympians 

Vitesse Running has more than 100 running workouts with different intensity divided into several categories: Beginners, Fat-Burning, 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon and Marathon. The workouts are created by the professional athletes Militsa Mircheva and Yolo Nikolov. Militsa competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics and finished 108th in the marathon thus becoming the first Bulgarian woman to ever finish a marathon at the Olympics. Besides a professional runner himself, Yolo is the best coach of long-distance runners in Bulgaria. He also specializes in creating personalised training plans and programs. 

“We joined the project because it is absolutely one-of-a-kind! It aims to prepare people on all levels to reach their goals in the most effective and individual way possible. We know that everyone has different talents which is why we created Vitesse Running. Our virtual coach will analyze your runs and show you where you have to work harder while building up the qualities you need for success.“ – says Militsa. 

Why Sofia 

The team developing the app is entirely Sofia-based due to the many opportunities they see for this type of product here. 

“We are originally from Sofia, so starting the business elsewhere was never an option. There are so many talented young professionals here as well as many networking opportunities within the startup ecosystem that has been developing a lot in recent years. Sofia is really an excellent location for our app in particular. Life is so hectic here, and this has resulted in increased interest in running as a sport that’s great to stay fit and doesn’t take much time. As a result, there are many events for running enthusiasts happening here, and that’s good for the positioning of our app“ – shared Ralitsa Ivanova, co-founder in the company.

Learn more about the app here.