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Image source: Telus International Europe


Canadian TELUS International Europe, the world’s largest outsourcing industry employer, announced its plans to recruit 2,000 new employees by 2020 at its hubs in Sofia and Plovdiv. Thus, the company, which currently employs more than 2,600 employees in the country, will increase its staff to nearly 5,000. The company’s management announced its growth plans at the official opening of the new head office of TELUS International Europe in the newly-built City Tower office building at Macedonia Square in Sofia.

TELUS International occupies 6 floors of the building, with a total capacity of 2,300 people. Currently, the company employs 1,500 people there. TELUS is the largest tenant in the new 23-storey business center built in accordance with the latest standards of sustainable construction. That is why the building will soon change its name from City Tower to TELUS Tower. The company will also retain its other office in Sofia, located in Infinity Tower, next to Bulgaria Mall, where another 1 200 employees will continue to work.

Telus is already the country’s largest employer in its field and the fact that it is taking the next step with an investment of BGN 5 million and the opening of 500 new jobs shows that the company feels good in Bulgaria, Alexander Manolev, Deputy Minister of Economy, said at the official opening, quoted by the press center of the ministry. According to Jeffrey Puriet, President and CEO of Telus International, over the last few years, the company has invested more than EUR 150 million in the Bulgarian economy in salaries, capital expenditures and taxes, and plans to double this investment by 2020.

In Bulgaria, Telus hires new employees every month, including foreign citizens from Europe, North America and other countries, as its divisions work with inquiries and customers from around the world.

To celebrate its new office, on March 23-24 TELUS International Bulgaria opened its doors for a 24-hour marathon with a midnight movie projections, a Go Guide special event, a learning & development session, a FIFA tournament, a brunch, board games, and many other events with open access. Photos from 24 Hours @Telus Tower are available on the Facebook page of the company for Bulgaria.



About Telus in Bulgaria

The company started its business here in 2004 with a small team of 20 employees. It operates in Bulgaria under the name “Callpoint New Europe” EAD, owned by Telus International, UK. The company has offices in Sofia and Plovdiv and owns 100% of a subsidiary in Romania with two locations, in Bucharest and Craiova.

Telus offers mainly three types of business services in Bulgaria: customer service (telemarketing, customer retention, customer service, technical support); services related to risk management, personnel screening, transaction management and fraud detection, financial and accounting services; as well as social and media services.