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City-to-City Agreement is Already in Force, Sofia Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Business Start Support in London



“City-to-City”, the new business agreement to support business between London and Sofia, is now a fact. On behalf of London, the program is implemented through the British Investment Agency London & Partners, and on the part of Sofia – through the Sofia Investment Agency.

The City-to-City program aims to encourage and facilitate the establishment of foreign businesses in London or British companies in partner cities. The common ambition is to build two-way, mutually beneficial commercial and investment ties, providing the necessary support for establishing business in new cities.


The agreement between Sofia Investment Agency and London and Partners regulates the terms and services that partner cities are willing to provide as necessary support for start-ups on their territory.

The encouraging measures make provision for:

– providing office desks in office spaces with a discount for a certain period of time;

– discounts for local accommodation partners;

– travel discounts for local public transport;

getting acquainted with the local business and start-up environment;

– providing useful contacts in specific business areas;

– access to tourist attractions.     

On the links below, you will find useful information related to:

– a short presentation of London & Partners;

– a detailed description of the types of assistance that foreign companies receive in the process of expanding their business in London;

– a 9-step guide to setting up a business in London;

– useful contacts of London & Partners.


Should you require further information, you may contact Nadia Soultanova – Head of Investment & Business Development Department.