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StartupBlink Added Two Bulgarian Projects in its Global COVID-19 Innovation Map


The international platform StartupBlink has included two Bulgarian solutions in its global Coronavirus Innovation Map – a map of innovative solutions from around the world aimed at dealing with COVID-19. These are the Sofia-based Micar 21 and the DIYVentilators platform.

The map includes hundreds of innovations and solutions from around the world that help both people and businesses cope with and adapt to the new daily life that the pandemic has imposed on us.  

The biotech company Micar 21 has created a drug molecule that counteracts two proteins of COVID-19 – CCR5 and CCR7. 

The second Bulgarian project is DIYVentilators – an open platform for doctors, engineers and citizens who collaborate in providing free designs for respirators that can be assembled anywhere in the world where there is a health department in need. Participants learn from each other, and any hospital experiencing a shortage of respiratory equipment may choose the best  design for them, depending on their on-site materials and resources.

StartupBlink is the world’s largest platform for startups and research centres. It manages dozens of communities around the world, including developers, public sector organisations, co-working spaces, accelerators and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. The platform features modules for mapping and analysis as well as promotion. Once a year, StartupBlink also publishes a comprehensive global startup ecosystem analysis report, comparing information from more than 1,000 cities in 100 countries.