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Sofia to apply for ‘100 Intelligent Cities Challenge’ Programme, Other Bulgarian Cities and Regions Are Also Invited to Participate 


After the success of the Digital Cities Challenge (DCC), the European Commission will launch the follow up project, the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge, to involve more cities and bigger scope. Being a part of the existing DCC network of cities, Sofia was invited to apply for the successor initiative.  

We are glad to spread the news that the call is open for other Bulgarian cities, as well as for cities and regions across Europe that may wish to profit from the initiative.

The project is expected to start in early 2020 and the expression of interest for new cities to join will be launched at the beginning of February 2020. All relevant details concerning the timeline, will be announced soon and will be published on https://www.digitallytransformyourregion.eu/

The 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge (100 ICC) will sustain, reinforce and expand the existing DCC network of  40+ cities. It will support EU cities to build ecosystems for smart, green, climate-neutral, sustainable growth, with a focus on green industrial transition and new business models. It will help implement at local level the new EU political guidelines, e.g. through local Green Deals, and lead tech uptake for better life. The ICC programme of coaching and facilitation will:

  •      –  Reinforce the cities network through cutting edge advisory services and networking along with the thematic priorities identified above.
  •    –    Align the city strategies with the new relevant EU policies and initiatives such as the European Green Deal, the new industrial strategy, strategic value chains, the AI strategy, the SMEs strategy, the circular economy, the Social Economy, etc.
  •   –     Push ahead the implementation of action plans, joint investments and cross border collaboration among cities (together with industry, SMEs, academia and citizens), and help them benefit from the financial opportunities offered in the forthcoming MFF 2021-2027.
  •   –     Foster new opportunities for citizens affected by the transition shift to smarter, cleaner and greener industry.

For more information about the participation of Sofia in the Digital Cities Challenge Programme and the benefits from the initiative, please follow the links provided on our webpage Digital Sofia: https://investsofia.com/en/digital-sofia/


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us for details. 

Mark-Aleks Evtimov