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Rosey’s Mark is among European Agri-Food Accelerator KATANA’s Top 10 Winners  



Sofia-based Rosey’s mark, a company active in the development of Bulgarian rose gourmet products, is ranked among the 10 winners of the European Accelerator KATANA, funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020. The ranking will bring a financial support of EUR 100 000 to the company to boost the competitiveness of the business.

This is the first external investment for Rosey’s mark. In order to receive funding from KATANA, the candidates were required to receive a sufficient number of votes from other peers in the sector, as well as a positive assessment and support for the idea by a broad audience. In the application process, the company competed with more than 700 candidates from all over Europe in the first stage, in which participants vote for the best products and ideas based on peer-to-peer evaluation. The Bulgarian team received enough votes from other sector players and reached the selection of 100 to continue to the second stage of selection by participating in a crowdfunding campaign. Thus Rosey’s mark raised the amount of EUR 54 000 backed up by 70 supporters. In order to meet the conditions at this stage of the application, Rosey’s mark attracted another two Bulgarian companies based in Sofia to the campaign – Blue Birds, a creative food style agency, photo and video content, and Media Basket, a digital agency.









After the two application stages that brought to the team recognition and support for their ideas and products, both from other agri-food businesses in Europe and consumers, Rosey’s mark was ranked in the Top 10 of the Accelerator and got the opportunity to use funding in the amount of EUR 100 000.

Rosey’s mark plans for the grant, to be used by the end of 2018, are in several directions: new products development; distribution network development, including export; deeper research of the applications of roses in food and marketing.

More about KATANA

KATANA is a European business accelerator focused on the agrifood sector and financed by the European Commission under Horizon 2020. The project is a rare opportunity to support projects of small and medium-sized enterprise at an early stage of development outside the IT sphere. You can learn more about the other finalists for funding under the program here.

More about Rosey’s mark

Created in 2012, the company develops the concept of “Floral gastronomy from Bulgaria” and produces jams, chocolate and tea with own original recipes with Bulgarian oil-bearing rose and Bulgarian herbs. The company aims to develop and promote the role of roses in food both through its products and related events, collaborations with professional chefs and culinary experts, creation of original recipes and promotion of the possibilities of roses in contemporary nutrition. Learn more about the company, its products and team here.