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The New Sofia Business Guide 2020 Now Available for Download  


The Sofia Investment Agency Team just published the third edition of Sofia Business Guide, a guide about Sofia as an investment destination. The Guide was developed in close collaboration with Innovative Sofia – the newly established digitalization, innovation and economic development department of Sofia Municipality. The new edition is already available for download on the Agency’s website in Bulgarian and in English.

Sofia Business Guide 2020 covers a wide range of topics and contains statistics on Sofia’s economy, workforce, education, transport and connectivity, industrial and office spaces, priority industries, investment and entrepreneurial environment, and many more.

This year, for the first time, the Guide includes up-to-date statistics and information on such sectors as artificial intelligence (AI), proptech, gaming, robotics, automation, and aerospace.

The Business Guide also presents the activities of the newly established Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development department of Sofia Municipality (Innovative Sofia). Since the beginning of 2020, its function is to consolidate and lead the city’s digital and smart city initiatives and to support high-tech and R&D investors in Sofia.

The edition contains up-to-date information on taxes, fees, investment incentives, the procedures for registering a company, funding opportunities, and other practical information. It also serves as a step-by-step guide for starting a business in Sofia.  

The information is mainly presented visually – in graphs, tables, and infographics.

Feel free to use all of the content and graphs in your business endeavours, whenever you present your projects to foreign partners and potential investors.

The team of Sofia Investment Agency is available to provide additional information and detailed analysis on specific topics, as well as continuous support at every stage of the investment plan for foreign and Bulgarian investors.

Sofia Investment Agency would like to thank all supporting organizations for the information and guidance they provided for the new edition of the Sofia Business Guide.

Thank you for your support and valuable feedback: Institute for Market Economics, Bulgarian Fintech Association, Professional Association of Robotics and Automation PARA Bulgaria, Fund of Funds, Creative Industries Foundation, Game Dev Summit, Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, Tourism Municipal Enterprise,  Directorate of Culture, Sofia Municipality, Sofia Airport, Puzl CowOrKing, BESCO-The Bulgarian Startup Association, Sofia Tech Park, AIBEST.

The Sofia Business Guide was developed before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is expected to have a serious impact on the global and the European economies. Because of the dynamic nature of the situation at a global level, it is difficult to make a specific forecast for the impact of the coronavirus on the economy and the development of Sofia in 2020. It is generally expected that the tourism and entertainment industry would be affected the most, as well as all related transport and logistics. At the same time, in the context of social isolation and limitation of contacts, digitalization and the development of new solutions will be even more crucial to the development of cities and businesses, and can become an important positive factor for the growth of the ICT and e-commerce sectors in Sofia.