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The First Bulgarian Career Platform for the Game Industry Goes Live


GAMEHIRED launches its career board to help creative professionals, who want to make games for a living, land their dream job.

GAMEHIRED announced the official kick-off of its career website for game creators, which has been in development for over a year, with the clear goal of improving the current hiring experience for all parties. 

GAMEHIRED’s platform makes decision-making easy by giving candidates detailed information about job opportunities, courses and the game studios and academies behind them. It also delivers industry insights and actionable advice to help its users improve their skill set. Georgi Mihaylov, GAMEHIRED’s CEO, said: “We want to help the people, who make the lives of billions more enjoyable, by giving them the necessary tools to find an exciting way of life, not just another job.”

The platform’s intended audience are game developers, 2D and 3D artists, engineers, testers, producers, e-sports professionals and students in the field of game design. It also helps game studios and higher education institutions to stand out and attract exceptional talent by showcasing their unique traits, culture, games, teams, perks, way of teaching, curriculum and many more.

The Platform’s product roadmap for 2020 includes the possibility to participate in online classes on digital art and game development.

All those who want to make their first steps in the industry, begin an interesting game design course or pursue their dream job, can do so by registering at gamehired.com.