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“cargo-partner” EOOD  Celebrated 15 years in Bulgaria


Image source: “cargo-partner” EOOD

“cargo-partner” opened its first office in Sofia in 2003. Following its development strategy, “cargo-partner” strengthened its position in the country with offices in Varna (2014) and Plovdiv (2017). The company launched its operations with a major focus on air transport, but the “cargo partner” management became quickly aware of the need to develop the full range of services – complete logistics solutions, including maritime, road and rail transport. The constant sustainable growth of the company is evidence of the team’s professional work.

The good results, as well as the increased demand for warehouse space, are the reasons why “cargo-partner” decided to invest in its own logistics base in 2017, which by 2018 is already working in its full capacity. The logistics center has 22,000 pallet spaces and is located on an area of 34 000 sq.m. “cargo-partner” did not stop with the expansion and additionally purchased a plot of land in the immediate vicinity of 31 000 sq.m. in September 2018. The company’s plans are to double the capacity of the iLogistic center. Its name carries the meaning of a center that collects and processes information, offers an integrated solution and creates innovations in logistics. Its construction required the efforts of a team of specialists, 8 months of construction work and an investment of 15 million euro. The building is modern, functional and equipped with a TAPA A security certificate. The location near the airport is predetermined by the company’s activities “cargo-partner” has been in the top 3 of air freight forwarders in Bulgaria over the last five years. The location is also tailored to the convenient access of customers and employees through public transport within the city.

At present, there are 117 specialists in transport, logistics, sales and administration. Exactly people are one of the reasons why “cargo-partner” decided to invest in Bulgaria. Anton Stoykov, manager of the company for Bulgaria, named the other three key factors. One of the major advantages is the country’s key geographical location and the passage of 5 key transport corridors through its territory. Secondly, the fast and easy access to all European markets, as well as the good infrastructure that is constantly being developed thanks to EU investment. Last but not least, the industrial zones in Bulgaria are also among the reasons for the capital inflows from the parent company.

Over the past year, 32,000 items have been processed in the warehouses of “cargo-partner” in Novi Han and its base in Drujba residential area. The turnover is EUR 20 million, with an expected growth of 10-15% in 2018. Up to date, the turnover of “cargo-partner” is EUR 13.6 million, with 23 thousand processed items. As far as customer segmentation is concerned, the largest share of clients is in the field of e-commerce, followed by the automotive industry, textiles, food and pharmacy.

Globally, 3000 employees in more than 120 offices in 30 countries work for “cargo-partner”. The company manages a capacity of 196,000 pallet slots around the world.