Chatbot on Sofia Municipality’s Website to Answer Citizens’ Questions about COVID-19
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Use the 24/7 Digital Channels of Sofia Municipality Related to COVID-19


We expect the situation in Sofia to continue to be dynamic in the following days and weeks. Sofia Municipality offers several digital solutions, related to COVID-19, which are available for you to use 24/7. They provide the latest information about the situation in the city from official sources as well as useful directions related to the coronavirus.  

On the website of Sofia Municipality, you can communicate with the chatbot Skilly 24/7 by asking it open-ended questions or by choosing from the list of frequently asked questions. Articles, presentations, infographics and videos are also available. We would like to thank the team of the Sofia-based company Abilitics who supported the municipality free of charge with the implementation of the chatbot and assisted us in ‘teaching’ it specific information about the situation in Sofia. Skilly is AI-based and is continuously improving its ‘skills’ in order to answer even more questions. Read more in our publication here.


Over 32 000 citizens are already part of the official Viber community of Sofia Municipality about COVID-19. Join the community and invite your contacts to follow the latest news, information about current measures concerning the citizens and the business in Sofia


The information in the information system of Sofia Municipality about COVID-19 is being continuously updated here:


We would also like to remind you that:


You can use the site e-Sofia with quick links to the electronic services of Sofia Municipality portals for citizens, online services, documents for download and directions on how to use the available e-services.


Citizens can send non-urgent signals, letters, complaints, requests for access to public information to the city administration by choosing the topic of their signal from the menu of the new free mobile app of – the contact centre for citizens’ alerts. You can download the app here:

For Android –

For iOS –


You can monitor your current health status and share data with a health professional through the application Medrec:Sofia, which the Sofia-based IT company Sirma Group Holding developed and provided for free to Sofia Municipality in support of the mutual efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 on the territory of Sofia and the country. Read more about the app and find a download link here.