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Umni Chatbot Agency to Provide Free Chatbot for the Tourism Sector – One of the Most Affected by COVID-19


The chatbot agency announced that it will provide free development, implementation, and maintenance of a basic hotel chatbot to help hotelkeepers remain in touch with clients after the collapse in the tourism industry because of COVID-19. The company will be providing its product free of charge until 1 September 2020 to all new clients of the basic virtual assistant, both in Bulgarian and in English. 

The CEO of Umni is Elitsa Hristova, who has over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. The company commented that competition for customers, markets and qualified staff after the crisis will be fierce and businesses that are mobile, online, flexible and always available when needed will recover faster after the downturn. 

This is how Elitsa Stoilova commented on the company’s decision:

Someone has to work, to receive clients’ requests 24/7 even when there is no one in the office when the business is temporarily closed. This can be done by a chatbot. We hope that the free service until the end of summer will help hotels keep in touch with clients without burdening them financially. The crisis will pass and clients will come back. Domestic tourism will be the first to recover but the speed of recovery will not allow the business to return to pre-crisis work levels immediately. The Chatbot can take on some of the tasks and communication and help the hotel optimize the working process of available staff for the benefit of both the business and its customers.  

You can find more about the features of the hotel chatbot and the way it works on the company’s website. New clients can request access to the virtual assistant by sending an email to or by using the registration form here.

Founded in 2018, is a chatbot agency that provides virtual assistants to a number of sectors such as hotel accommodation, recreational activities, healthcare. In the very year of its launch, received its first investment by the Canadian fund Loyal VC to further develop its “bot-as-service”.