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The Wait Is over – the Pilot Episode of the Golden Apple Animated Series Is Ready!

All announced tour dates were booked in a matter of hours, but new tickets will be released for Sofia!

The end of 2018 surprised the fans of the Golden Apple – the first animated series based on Bulgarian legends and folklore – with a long-awaited news. At the beginning of November the creators of the series, Studio Zmei animation, officially announced they are ready to show the pilot episode and organized the Golden Apple Tour, which has already visited Sofia, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, and more cities are to come – Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and again Sofia – on 21 December!

The interest is instant and enormous – all places for the announced screenings were booked within a few hours! Studio Zmei estimates that for this part of the tour there are over 2000 tickets sold all over Bulgaria.

What actually stands behind this rarely observed hype?
“The Golden Apple” is a project for the first animated series based on Bulgarian legends and folklore. The idea was born 4 years ago, after its creator – Dimitar Petrov – left Cartoon Network and came to Bulgaria to form a team of experienced animators and designers who are in love with Bulgarian folklore and are determined to bring it into the 21st-century media. This is how Studio Zmei was born.

After two successful crowdfunding campaigns and a worldwide recognition at the biggest animation market in Europe, The Golden Apple won thousands of fans in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as the support of the Bulgarian National Television.

After the success of the short film and the book of the same universe – The Legend of the First Kuker Warrior – Studio Zmei proudly presents the pilot episode of The Golden Apple.

It’s a 21-minute animation, suitable for both children and adults. It follows the story of the courageous Vihra, who is torn between her human nature and her magical spirit powers, and her best friend, the cheeky water nymph Tina.

Particularly important for the project are the voice actors who build the main characters in the series – the singer Polly Genova gives her voice to Vihra, Milica Gladnishka singles the self-confessed Tina, Momchil Stepanov takes on the role of the mummer Vlad, and Zhivko Dzhuranov is his brother Bran.

What are the next steps for the project and its creators form Studio Zmei? The first is to attend the media markets worldwide in 2019 in order to find funding and co-producers for the entire first season of “The Golden Apple”. The second step is local – to hold new animation and design courses in their Zmei Academy and to grow the studio.