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Summer camp – Be an entrepreneur the Danish way!


YFU Denmark (Youth For Understanding) is offering a three-week summer camp programme – Be an entrepreneur the Danish way!. Just like YFU’s one-year student exchange programmes, the entrepreneurship summer camp offers a unique opportunity for young Bulgarians to get to know Denmark from up close. The programme aims to strengthen Danish-Bulgarian cultural relations. 

The Summer camp might be interesting for Danish or Bulgarian companies to consider offering a scholarship to a child of one of their Bulgarian employees or a student in a school in a community of interest. The programme starts from June 24th with classes with Danish students, followed by entrepreneurship camp with sessions in design, digital technologies, eSports, future technology, and more.

The Bulgarian division of YFU is still looking for participants in the 2018 summer camp. If you are interested, you can contact directly Mrs. Iris Wiesner, National Director in YFU-Bulgaria via e-mail iris@yfu.bg+ 359 2 470 6527 / + 359 898 894542, and Skype: iriswiesner.