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Sofia Started its Participation in the Construction of the pan-European 5G Network

Sofia started cooperation with Thessaloniki and Belgrade in the framework of the initiative to build a pan-European 5G network. Thus, the Bulgarian capital started its participation in the construction of a 5G corridor between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece for connected and automated driving. Such corridors are being built between many other European countries, for example, between Spain and Portugal; France, Germany and Luxembourg have also announced a joint corridor, as well as Norway, Finland and Sweden.


The pan-European 5G corridor network is supported by the European Commission as part of its policy to build a network for greater connectivity in Europe. The 5G corridor network aims to cover hundreds of kilometers of highways. Their construction will turn Europe into the largest experimental territory for 5G technology capabilities. It is planned to conduct tests to a stage where the car will be self-driving, but a driver will be present under certain circumstances as well.