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Sofia Joins the SCALE Start-up and Entrepreneurship Platform


Sofia Investment Agency joined the international start-up and entrepreneurship platform SCALE. Our team worked on the development of Sofia’s profile at SCALE, which aims to show the city’s potential as an entrepreneurial and start-up destination and the opportunities it could offer to entrepreneurs from Europe and all around the world.

SCALE (The Startup City Alliance Europe) is an online portal/platform, aiming to create a connected and transparent European city-to-city startup ecosystem. SCALE supports European startups wanting to scale not only within Europe but also to foreign markets from all around the world.

SCALE connects and fortifies the supportive structures that are already in place, bringing together European municipal governments, universities, corporates and fast growing startups (scale-ups). Currently SCALE unites 19 European startup organisations from 10 European cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Helsinki, Milan, Munich, Paris, Porto, Rome and Vilnius. Sofia is the 11-th city to join the platform.

Each of the 11 cities has its own profile, providing detailed information on the development of the start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem in each of the cities, including information about the different stakeholders, events, news, supporting organisations, etc., as well as valuable insights on how to access the market, establish and develop a startup, soft landing packages, etc.

In addition to an overview of the developing start-up ecosystem in the city, Sofia’s profile provides detailed information on the:

  • procedures and requirements related to settling as a start-up founder/entrepreneur in Sofia (registration, taxes, insurance, housing, etc.)
  • opportunities related to developing and expanding a start-up in Sofia
  • access to markets, capital and funding
  • access to talent
  • getting support from the various start-up organisations and communities
  • life in Sofia

You can learn more about the SCALE platform and check Sofia’s profile here.