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Sofia to Host RELOGIA – the First Interdisciplinary Art+Sci+Tech Event in Europe


RELOGIA | Trialogues 2019 – an exclusive annual international Art+Sci+Tech event in Bulgaria and Europe, comes with its first edition HUMAN DIMENSION.

RELOGIA is designed as a scalable interdisciplinary research & communication platform. It acts as an integrative and creative instrument of the pillars of Culture – Art, Science and Technology – brought together in a variety of aspects by researchers, professionals and artists. Its purpose is to develop integrative interdisciplinary methodologies to serve the dynamic multifaceted context we live in today – with scientific, educational, social and cultural impacts.  

The event program includes three modules: Conference, Exhibition and Workshops – where leading experts from across Europe and the world will present and discuss innovative synergies between Art+Sci+Tech via examples of their applications in research, education and culture.

The event is under the honourable Presidency of the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria and is co-organized by Re: Foundation for Art & Science Research and the National Academy of Arts.


RELOGIA_Trialogues 2019|  Edition 01 Human Dimension


Registration is free and open until November 15, 2019.

Venue: National Palace of Culture, Sofia

For more information, please check out the event’s webpage, as well as the official Facebook page and Twitter profile.