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Sofia Gets Business Town of Bulgaria Award 2018 for the Fifth Time


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For the fifth time, Sofia received the “Business Town of Bulgaria” award in the ranking of Darik Radio “Best City to Live in Bulgaria 2018”. The capital was named the best place in the country to develop business, which offers the best conditions for attracting foreign investment.

The economic criteria include, among others, new jobs, public and private investments, use of European funds, financial situation, etc.

The official ceremony was also attended by Ms. Yordanka Fandakova, mayor of Sofia. At the national level, Sofia is the city that attracts more than 50% of foreign investment and produces some 40% of the country’s GDP, the mayor said at the award ceremony.

Sofia attracts more than half of the foreign investment in Bulgaria. In recent years, most of them have been focused on high-tech production and industries and activities with high added value. Our goal was to attract as high volume of public investment in infrastructure development as possible – this helped the business and contributed to the development of the city as well. The GDP of the capital is 40% of the total GDP for Bulgaria.

The mayor thanked everyone engaged in working for their city. According to her, the capital is a technological city with the most and the best universities that contribute to the training of experts. Sofia Municipality has its own policy of stimulating and encouraging talents. With the help of Sofia Investment Agency, we have created several support instruments (including for financial support) for the development of startups, Fandakova added.

Sofia is developing as an innovative and technological city. Today we have two specific examples of the opportunities that Sofia offers – the opening of the Financial Times Development Center in Sofia and the approval of the Council of Ministers of an agreement with the World Bank to open an office of the financial institution again in Sofia, the mayor also said.

The Darik Radio awards have been presented for the 12th consecutive year. This year they were bestowed in 6 categories: business, knowledge, security, culture, tourism and leisure, as well as ecology. Burgas was named the city of knowledge, – Dobrich – the green city, Varna – the most vital city, and Stara Zagora – the safest city. A special award was also given to the city of Yambol for road safety. Ruse was chosen to be the best city to live in for 2018.