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Sofia Development Association Published the Audit Report on the Presence and Participation of Third-Country Nationals in the Life of Sofia


Sofia Development Association just published Sofia City Integration Agenda developed in the framework of the INTEGRA project, funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. The City Integration Agenda document contains an audit report for the presence and participation of third-country nationals (TCN) in the life of Sofia. It also outlines the three most likely scenarios for the upcoming 3 to 5 years regarding TCN in Sofia: their presence, economic and social activity and integration, the capacity of the local community to accept them and the actions and measures of the local governance.

INTEGRA seeks to improve the process of long-term integration of third country nationals through urban partnership. The project includes 6 partner cities: Sofia, Bulgaria, Prague, Czech Republic, Kosice, Slovakia, Osijek, Croatia, and Rubano, Italy – all of them participating through city-to-city knowledge and experience sharing.

The survey covers the areas of employment and qualification, services for TCN (access to health care, housing, education and training, etc.), security and safety and civic participation. It also aims at identifying recommendations for city/municipal policies and measures to prepare for and respond adequately to these scenarios.

Four thematic posters are published as part of the report, outlining the main highlights in four areas – “The Labor Market and the Migrants in Sofia“, “Attitudes towards Migrants“, “Education and Migrants” and “Safety in Sofia and the Migrants“.

The infographics present data, trends, opportunities and shortcomings of the integration of TCN in Sofia in a comprehensible and attractive way.


All infographics, including those of the other partner cities in the program, are available on the project website – https://integra-eu.net/campaign/infographics.html.

The full Sofia City Integration Agenda document can be found here.