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The Sofia-based Evrotrust Provides Free Electronic Signatures to Individuals and Small Businesses for the Period of the State of Emergency in Bulgaria


The Sofia-based company Evrotrust, an authorized electronic signature provider for Bulgaria, grants its services to Bulgarian citizens and small businesses for free during the state of emergency. Thus, the company further supports customers and businesses in their adaptation to the new environment which requires maximum mobilization in the digitization of processes to prevent the downfall of the business and the provision of services.    

The documents with a qualified electronic signature have the same legal value as those signed on paper and bearing a hand-written signature.

Evrotrust is a technology that has been fully developed in Bulgaria and is used in 37 countries on three continents. In addition to operations between businesses, it also allows distance work with central, local, and regional administrations. 

Just a year ago, the Sofia-based Evrotrust became the first Bulgarian company to take advantage of the City-to-City business cooperation agreement, which we signed with Vienna, and kicked off its operations in the Austrian capital. 

This was possible after we organized a series of meetings of the Bulgarian delegation with Austrian organizations and companies during the 25 Hours in Vienna event. Evrotrust was then invited to participate in a 4-month programme for startups in innovation by weExelеrate – the largest multi-corporation accelerator in Europe.


Here is what you need in order to use Evrotrust’s electronic signature.

Sofia-based companies in all sectors interested in internationalization opportunities and aiming at business expansion can contact the Investment and Business Development Unit at Sofia Investment Agency here.