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New Online Platform to Help IT Specialists Choose the Right Company

Bulgaria’s largest IT community DEV.BG launched its new project – the HireHeroes platform, which helps IT specialists to choose the most suitable company for their career development. Following direct recommendations from sector professionals, candidates can connect with the organizations that suit best their profile and career goals.

The search for information, advice and recommendation from experienced IT specialists is turning into more and more preferred way for specialists in the sector to find their next job. The team behind the new platform believes that an instrument that organizes this trend in a simple and quick process will lead to more adequate appointments given the shortage of specialists and fluctuation of labor force in the industry, which are the main barriers to growth in the sector.


Advantages of the platform

The referees (Hire Heroes) in the network are active IT professionals, proven experts and public opinion leaders. Their role as recommenders with industry expertise and knowledge is a core value of the platform. Their participation as consultants and referees shortens the long process of research, selection and numerous interviews both for candidates and companies.

‘The shortage of specialists and the frequent change of the workplace are the main problems that hamper the growth in the industry’, says Svetoslav Dimov, manager of DEV.BG. ‘If you are a good specialist but you change your job all the time, it leads to the loss of personal satisfaction. For companies, the constant staff fluctuations are an additional resource that reduces productivity and slows down their growth. With the HireHeroes model, the right people will go to the right companies that will keep them longer.’


How does the platform work?

  • All companies provide the referees with company information, an updated list of open positions and details of the hiring process.
  • The only requirement for candidates is to have over 1 year of professional experience. Each candidate can choose three referees and make direct contact with them for advice, information and recommendation about their professional experience, specifics of the companies they are researching and other important details that are often skipped in job offers.
  • HireHeroes provides candidates with internal details that can show them whether the companies they are targeting are really relevant to their profile. They stay in touch until both sides come together to select up to three best suited organizations and send an application with a personal recommendation from the referee. Thus, while looking for a new position, the candidate can get a direct recommendation to a total of nine companies.

Three months after its launch in November last year, HireHeroes is already working with more than 20 companies and their job vacancies and 24 referees. The network already has candidates in the process of interviewing with a direct recommendation.

The project is the result of almost a year of exploring the interests and needs of all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The team of DEV.BG had talks with 80 IT companies before creating the platform and using its knowledge of the industry.


DEV.BG is the largest IT community in Bulgaria which develops 14 specialized user groups, maintains a directory of IT companies in Bulgaria and organizes 14 events each month to constantly develop the community.

More about their HireHeroes project, frequently asked questions, a list of affiliated companies and referees are available on the platform of the website here.