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The International Business Alliance.Bulgaria, a London-based company created by two Bulgarians, launched the one of a kind online business network of international business and culture with a Bulgarian connection. The alliance aims to bring together representatives of the entrepreneurship, investment and finance sphere, cultural industries, education, philanthropy on a global level.

The networking platform already has more than 220 members from over 15 countries and 4 continents. The first members include institutions, business associations, professionals from different business sectors, entrepreneurs, experts, journalists, etc.

The founders and the team of the International Business Alliance.Bulgaria are developing the new network in order to provide a direct contact between the users to cooperate with ideas and partnerships to develop and expand the business in new markets and in new directions.

Effective, successful and a must in this global business world – that’s how I see the opportunity for Bulgarians with businesses around the world, as well as their foreign partners, to communicate directly. Everyone knows the conditions of the particular market where they work best, and can help with experience and knowledge’, Miroslav Bogdantsaliev, one of the founders of the platform, entrepreneur and investor, says.

The platform offers a number of attractive business opportunities. Users can share business projects in a move to attract partners and investments, offer and seek employment, consult international experts, or contact the official Ambassadors of the Alliance on local market and regulatory issues. The online network allows users to create and participate in professional groups and events, share articles and news from their business activities, benefit from different advertising and communication options.

Currently, the team is also working on the IBA Institute, an educational section, where platform members will be able to take part in video trainings, webinars, online and offline events, etc. with the participation of international experts and consultants in various business and cultural fields.

The International Business Alliance.Bulgaria project also includes the creation of an official print media – the bilingual business magazine Elysium. The magazine targets the Bulgarian embassies, the members of the platform, Bulgarian and foreign business and cultural organizations around the globe, investors, entrepreneurs, etc.

The first of its kind online business network dedicated to international business with a Bulgarian connection aims to provide interactive, fast and reliable communication between Bulgarian entrepreneurs and their foreign partners. Paola Minekova, co-founder of the project, artist and multimedia designer, emphasizes the power of networking for a reason: ‘I know from my own experience how important the network of contacts is. When I moved to a new country – before I came to the UK, I had lived in the Netherlands, Israel, the United States – I had to start from the very beginning again. I watch every day how people around me succeed thanks to their contacts. That is why I believe that the new platform will be extremely useful for the development and expansion of the business of its members’.

You can browse the platform and join the International Business Alliance.Bulgaria network at