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New City-to-City Agreement between Sofia and Vienna


We are happy to announce that the City-to-City Agreement between Vienna and Sofia was prolonged for another year. On a special event celebrating one year of partnership between the two cities, Mr. Vladimir Danailov, CEO of the Sofia Investment Agency, and Mr. Gerhard Hirczi, CEO of the Vienna Business Agency, signed the new Agreement for cooperation focused on networking, knowledge-exchange and business support to companies that want to start operations in the partner capital. 

‘Unlike the function of many memorandums, this one is not just a piece of decoration to ornament our offices, it’s a working paper’, Gerhard Hirczi said right before signing the new agreement.

The City-to-City Agreement targets companies from various sectors, such as Financial technologies, ICT, Creative Industries, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, and others. For the last twelve months, our business agencies managed to organise several networking events that create business opportunities and facilitate the internationalisation and expansion of Bulgarian and Austrian companies in our partner cities. 

The first success story under the City-to-City Agreement is the Bulgarian Evrotrust Technology, which entered the Austrian market with its innovative and unique mobile application for remote electronic identification and remote signing of documents with a qualified e-signature.

Sofia is the first Eastern European city with which the Austrian capital partners on such level. 

It has been a great first year of cooperation between our cities and we hope to make the next one even better!


We would like to thank Missia23 for being such a wonderful host and celebrating our first anniversary with us.

Sofia-based companies from all sectors interested in internationalization opportunities aiming at business expansion may contact the Investment and Business Development Department at Sofia Investment Agency.


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