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Mobile data speed of operators across Bulgaria ranks 9th in the world, according to Global State of Mobile Networks Report of the wireless coverage research firm OpenSignal. The average Smart LTE download speed across the country is 33.3 Mbps. Faster internet speed is delivered only in Singapore, the Netherlands, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Hungary, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. The global leader’s Smart LTE speed has topped the list with 44,31 Mbps, while world average smart speed is now 16.9 Mbps= OpenSignal reports some sizable increases in speed in multiple European countries as well as in some other regions in the world.

OpenSignal’s global report is based on data collected from 4,852,320 users and their devices in 88 countries during the period: Oct 1st – Dec 29th 2017. The UK agency analyzes 58+ billion measurements to compare 4G performance in all hours of the day, in cities and the countryside, including inside buildings and outdoors.


Here are OpenSignal’s main conclusions based on the collected and analyzed data for 4G performance across the globe.


  • Three months ago, there were only two countries in the world that could claim their consumers had access to an LTE connection 90% of the time*. There are now five countries where smartphone users experience 4G LTE 90% of the time or more.
  • LTE reach isn’t just expanding among the top tier countries. The developing world is making huge strides in increasing 4G availability. Throughout the world, it’s much easier to find an LTE signal now than it ever has before.
  • For the last eight years, mobile operators have elevated average 4G speeds first beyond 20 Mbps, then beyond 30 Mbps, and in the last two years, beyond 40 Mbps. But the industry seems to have reached a limit to what current technology, spectral bandwidth and mobile economics can support on a nationwide level. OpenSignal has found that in the fastest countries average LTE download speeds have stalled at just over 45 Mbps. The industry is still waiting on that spark that will push speeds beyond 50 Mbps on a national level.
  • In the previous report, there were 20 countries that had LTE availability of 80% or higher – a clear sign of a mature 4G market with widespread access to LTE. Since then, Thailand, Belgium, Latvia, Finland, Canada, Uruguay, Denmark, and Croatia have crossed over the 80% threshold, bringing the total number of countries to 30.
  • A lot of activity is seen in Europe – in just three months, we see Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, and Lithuania make significant gains in speeds. Other areas of note are also Australia, Canada, and the U.S.
*Rather than measure geographic coverage only, OpenSignal’s availability metric tracks the proportion of time users have access to a particular network.

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