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LIDL Chooses Sofia to Open its Fourth High-Tech IT Development Center in Europe


Industry: German global discount supermarket chain
In Sofia since: 2010
Employees: 2 300




The German supermarket chain Lidl chose Sofia to be its fourth location in Europe to open a high-tech IT development center. The Lidl Digital unit starts with a team of 25 people. In addition, it is planned to further grow with 100 more specialists to handle IT solutions serving all markets where the chain also sells online as a complementary service to the physical location of the stores.

Lidl chose Bulgaria among other European countries due to the availability of highly qualified IT specialists and the dynamic development of the sector in the country. The company also has development centers in Germany, Spain and Romania.

“The fact that such center will also be opened in Bulgaria is an exceptional recognition and pride for us. This proves the successful and sustainable development of our business and the great trust we have won to manage such important projects for Lidl”, Milena Dragiyska, CEO of Lidl Bulgaria said in the official press release of the company in Bulgaria.



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Lidl is a retail leader in Europe and has been present in the Bulgarian market since 2010. The chain has 87 stores in 46 cities in Bulgaria and two logistic bases. The company employs about 2 300 in Bulgaria. It plans to add another 300 people to its team by the end of the year, for 7 new stores in the country.


For its 7-year presence in the country, Lidl Bulgaria established a sustainable partnership with Bulgarian food producers using traditional Bulgarian recipes. A month ago, the company announced double growth in the sales of products under the Rodna Stryaha brand over the last year. It also said that the Bulgarian producers generated profit of more than BGN 15 million from sales of products through the chain’s stores in 22 other countries. Lidl Bulgaria works with 31 Bulgarian suppliers for the Rodna Stryaha brand and 20 Bulgarian companies sell through the chain outside the country as well.