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Invitation to Take The Balkan, Black Sea & Baltic ICT Network Barometer Survey

We are sharing an invitation to take The Balkan, Black Sea & Baltic ICT Network (3B ICT Cluster Network) barometer survey. The Network has launched an initiative dedicated to mapping the innovation potential and overview of the state of Industry in the wider region. Through the common effort of 16 cluster organizations from 9 countries, the network aims to significantly increase the global visibility of the region as a technology-oriented destination and establish a common research and business framework for IT sector development.

3B ICT Cluster Network is thus inviting companies active in the IT industry to fill the online barometer survey on the innovation potential of the region.

The common conclusions and results will be used by the organizations during presentations on national and international events, fairs and business missions.   

If you are a digital SME from the targeted regions, please contribute by filling the survey on the following link by December 5th.

About 3B ICT Cluster Network

Established in 2015, 3B ICT Cluster Network now consists of 16 business organisations and a network of more than 1 000 member companies from 9 countries. The main goal of the Network is to create a framework to intensify collaboration of ICT Clusters and ICT organizations in the Balkan and the Black Sea region aiming to meet common challenges affecting SMEs growth, innovation and business environment.

The Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters’ network is recognized by the European Commission, (DG Growth), as a reliable partner in the region supporting digital transformation using cross-cluster, cross-industry and cross-regional collaboration.