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An Investment of 200 000 Euro for DEV.BG – the Largest IT community in Bulgaria

The Sofia-based DEV.BG, which develops the largest IT community in Bulgaria, has attracted a new investment of 200 000 Euro from SiteGround – also a Sofia-based website company.  

Today, the DEV.BG community includes over 20 000 members. DEV.BG has developed 15 groups of specialists in different domains. The community maintains a directory with the IT companies in Bulgaria and organizes a number of monthly-recurring events to continuously develop the community’s expertise in areas such as the Internet of things, machine learning, blockchain, business development, financing and starting-up of an IT business. Part of the company is – the first platform of its kind for recruitment of IT specialists which focuses on the employees’ needs, rather than the employers’ needs.

SiteGround’s investment is not the first one for DEV.BG. At its launch in 2016, the company received 50 000 Euro and support for its business development by business angels. The newly received funds will be used to expand the network of IT specialists and professional events, as well as for the development of the platform. SiteGround will receive 10% of DEV.BG’s shares in return for the investment. 

SiteGround is a web-hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia. It serves over 2 000 000 domains all over the world offering shared hosting, cloud hosting, and specialized servers. Over 200 people work for the company in its offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, and Madrid.