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Health & Life Sciences Cluster Alliance Established in Sofia


The first Health & Life Sciences Cluster in Bulgaria has recently been established. Just a few months after the commencement of the initiative to consolidate companies from the sector, the newly created Cluster successfully launched a number of projects and already enjoys wide representations and potential for development of large partnership network with local and international clusters and organizations.

Officially, the Health & Life Sciences Cluster’s activities were announced for the first time during the European BioTech Week. Among its founders are a number of experts, scientists, practitioners, research and academic institutes, startups, as well as established international businesses, incubators, technology transfer companies, journalists, marketing and PR experts, and more. Leading the initiative are businesses such as Micar Innovation – a recipient of the European CIDIC Award in 2018, as well as the award for Best Biotech Startup for 2017, Nutrigen, Fidelis Research, Printivo, Bulbera, CleanTech Bulgaria, Revitalabs, Franz & Partners, the law firm Savov & Partners, and the Bulgarian Startup Association (BESCO) to name a few.

“Our mission is to endorse Bulgaria as a global bio-tech, health and life science center thus facilitating the growth of this industrial sector. Our role as an organization goes beyond promoting existing excellence; we aim to accompany, support, encourage, and further innovations by creating a favourable economic environment for the development of the businesses in the field”, shared Dimitar Dimitrov, a founder and Co-Chairman if the new Cluster.

“Life science sector heavily relies on presenting sometimes very complex topics to the general public in a comprehensive and accessible manner. As we highly appreciate the work of Bulgarian journalists we decided to create a Media Center within the Cluster. The goal of the Center is to give those working in the media access to accurate information directly from the source, to help them to find their interesting story, and to refer them to relevant experts, who in turn will provide them with detailed information on a given topic”, explained Kristina Eskenazi, Co-Chairman of the Cluster.

The main activities of the Health & Life Sciences Cluster fall in the following categories:
Cooperation and Innovations: initiation of projects for cooperation between the business and research and development organizations, as well as academic institutions; support of innovative projects for cooperation and networking.
Marketing and PR: discovery of the identity and the unique advantages of the region; improvement of the local and international image of the participants in the Cluster; implementation of initiatives to strengthen the industry’s image; organization of fairs and exhibitions;
Support for scientists, inventors, and startups through a business network of established companies and experts in different fields.
International activities: depending on the needs of the Cluster, individual activities may include the following:
Specialized initiatives for implementation of international projects and meetings;
Coordination of business trips for exchange of good practices;
Organization of seminars and conferences, etc.

Bulgarian Health & Life Sciences Cluster has already established cooperation with other networks and clusters in and outside the European Union, which contribute to the Cluster’s know-how and access to the latest in the field of life science.