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Funding Opportunities


The Investment Council of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is looking for Bulgarian investment projects to present to potential investors in the framework of an investment seminar on October 10, 2019 in Milan, Italy.

Project information should include: a short presentation in English, project business case, amount of investment pursued (equity and / or debt), offered share of the business, financial forecasts, market forecast, required resources for project development / human, material , market, financial /, ROI data, contacts.

Projects must be emailed to:,

For further information, please contact Gabriela Dimitrova, Secretary of the Investment Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tel: 02 8117 489 or Vladimir Tomov, President of the Investment Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tel: 0899 707475



The application deadline for funding under two programs of the Research Fund of the Ministry of Education and Science is approaching. 

The program “Excellent Research and People for the Development of European Science is aimed at scientists who wish to organise their own independent research team or research program. The estimated budget is BGN 1 235 000 and will be distributed among 8 scientific panels: Chemistry, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics, Informatics and Engineering, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics. The budget for each project will depend on the duration of implementation and can be up to BGN 5,000 per month.

/Information for the call in /

The program “Peter Beron. Science and Innovation with Europe” is aimed at the career development of promising scientists with internationally recognised scientific results. The indicative funding budget is BGN 1 425 000. 

/Information for the call in English: /

The deadline for submitting proposals for both programs is September 20. 



Start-ups and social enterprises can access BGN 25 million from the Fund of Funds through the selected financial intermediaries First Investment Bank (BGN 19.3 million), Microfond (BGN 3.23 million) and SIS Credit (BGN 2.84 million). Microcredit will also be available to vulnerable groups and young people aged up to 29 with an own business plan. 

The loans are granted with the financial instrument “Micro-credit with shared risk” of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”. Around 850 companies will be able to receive between BGN 5,000 and BGN 49,000 with a repayment period of up to 10 years and a grace period of up to 2 years for repayment of the principal. The funds provided by the Fund of Funds have zero interest and the co-financing by the intermediaries entails market interest. Thus, borrowers will receive financing at a much lower interest rate than the market rate.



The call for proposals in the Competition for the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF-TC-2019-2), Telecom is running.  The budget is EUR 27 million for developments in six areas: Free access to public sector data, Cybersecurity, E-procurement, E-health, European e-Justice, European Platform for Digital Skills and jobs. 

The funds cover up to 75% of the cost of each approved project. The application deadline is November 14.

Bulgarian companies wishing to participate can obtain further guidance from the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.