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Funding Opportunities


In June, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) conducted an Informational Day to present the European network of research and innovation centres and hubs – ENRICH. The network is created and governed by the Regional centre for information and scientific development (RCISD), Budapest.

ENRICH encourages and facilitates the cooperation in the fields of scientific research, technologies and entrepreneurship between the members of the EU and the USA, Brazil, and China. It supports the creation of innovations and their commercialisation.

Find the presentations from the Informational Day at the links here. The programmes offered by the network on the markets of the USA, Brazil and China are accessible here.


Small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for funding and methodological help of up to 100 000 euro provided by TETRAMAX project. The grants are for companies that develop digital technologies and services, already have international partners and are looking for Technology Transfer opportunities. The entire budget of the project is 7 million euro. The Bulgarian partner of the project is AMG Technology Ltd.

In order to apply for funding in the upcoming open sessions, companies need to have at least one partner from outside of Bulgaria with the status of a scientific organisation, a university or SME. Companies that wish to apply for grants, have to choose the grant scheme that best corresponds to their particular business needs and to submit a project proposal in English.

More information is available at the site of the Ministry of Economy or you can contact directly the project partner for Bulgaria at


The Investments Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites Bulgarian companies to send information for investments projects which the Chamber will present during the investment seminar in Milan, on October 10, 2019. The seminar will be attended by Italian investors, funds, banks, companies, asset management companies, and financial consultants.

The Bulgarian projects should include a summary in English, a justification of the project, the size of the required investment (share capital and/or debt), offered business share, financial forecasts, markets, necessary resources for project development (human, material, market, financial), ROI, contact information.

All of the information could be sent by email at,

For additional information, please, contact Ms Gabriela DImitrova, Chairwoman of The Investments Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, phone number 02 8117 489, and Mr Vladimir Tomov, President of the Investments Council at BCCI, phone number 0899 707475.