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First Mapping Report on the PropTech & ConTech Industry in Bulgaria


The first report on Bulgarian technological solutions in the industries of Construction, Real Estate Management, Property Management, and Facility Management has just been released.

Bulgaria: PropTech & ConTech Mapping Report 2019 is developed by Strategy+ Business Lab. The company is a member of the Management Board of PropTech & ConTech Cluster – Bulgaria and an exclusive partner for Bulgaria of FUTURE: PropTech, London and EU PropTech House, Brussels.

The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of the industry and companies in Bulgaria, which are currently developing cross-sectoral solutions in the fields of Property-Technology and Construction-Technology.

The classification of the companies in the sector follows the life cycle logic of construction and real estate management. Thus, the report reveals which market niches are more densely populated and which are still unoccupied.

Key topics in the report include:

  • PropTech & ConTech Industry Analysis
  • ConTech Mapping
  • PropTech Mapping
  • PropTech Companies Already on the Market
  • PropTech Startups to Watch
  • Companies Supporting PropTech


The Report is available for a free download here: prexcelarate.eu/reports/