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First Industry Matrix by Sofia Investment Agency: Sofia Gaming Studios


Three years ago, when Sofia Investment Agency started work, we identified 9 priority sectors for the city. The Creative Industries was one of them.

In the process of research, we learned that the creative ecosystem in Sofia is very fragmented and there are over 10 very diverse sub-sectors out there. So our first step was to get to know each of the sectors and start focusing on specific ones.

To help the Gaming sector take shape, bring attention to the players and outline the resources available to help them, we just published the first version of our first sub-sector matrix – Sofia Gaming Studios. 

The matrix contains a list of 35+ gaming companies and 100+ resources that are a part of the ecosystem. 



We spent weeks of research on this, kindly supported by Game Dev Summit, but the project is still a work in progress. Enjoy the Matrix, and if you have any comments, please feel free to contribute, and we will include all input into our next update.



The Creative Industry in Sofia

The Creative Industries are among the fastest growing sectors with the highest added value. While in Europe this industry accounts for about 4-5% in cities, the share in Sofia is around 8%. 

Indisputably, the Creative sector is something that Sofia can boast of and develop further. At the moment, our focus is on gaming, creative visualization, video and movie production.

The Gaming Sector in Sofia

Over ⅔ of the Gaming sector in Bulgaria is concentrated in Sofia. It has the highest growth among all creative industries and shows a 127% growth of value added at factor cost (2008-2015).