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EEN Accepts Applications for the Sixth Innovation Competition 2018


Applications for the Most Innovative Company Competition and Best Innovative Project for 2018 of the Innovation Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) will be accepted until 22 April 2019. The sixth edition of the competition is organised by the Europe Enterprise Network at BCCI, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and with the assistance of the Bulgarian Development Bank.

The categories in which the companies can apply are two: ‘Best Innovative Project of 2018’ and ‘Most Successful Company that Introduced an Innovative Product in 2018’.

The applications for innovative ideas and developments introduced in 2018 will be reviewed with complete confidentiality by a committee of representatives of the scientific community and the business. The evaluation will proceed following the criteria approved by the Bureau of the Innovation Council. You can check them here.

The annotations for an innovative project should be up to 5 pages long and include up to five addenda  – blueprints, 3D illustrations, tables, diagrams and charts, or other supporting documentation that meets the criteria.

The annotations for a company that has implemented an innovative product in 2018 should be up to 12 pages long and should include a description of the company’s production list: models, designs and drawings of the innovative products, description of the equipment required for their production, implemented patents and useful models of inventors from Bulgaria and abroad. In addition, they could include their models and blueprints, or other supporting documentation that meets the criteria.

The applications will be accepted by 17:00 on 22 April 2019 and should be submitted electronically to the Technical Secretary of the BCCI Innovation Council at; The awards ceremony will be held in May in the presence of representatives of the media, universities, branch organizations, ministries, banking institutions, entrepreneurs and others.