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We Continue the Work with Six of the Teams in #LetsHackTheCrisis – the Biggest Bulgarian Hackathon So Far


Together with the team of Innovative Sofia, we continue to work with six of the teams who participated in the #LetsHackTheCrisis hackathon. #LetsHackTheCrisis brought together business professionals, IT and Humanities experts with innovative ideas so that they could jointly build projects to help combat the spread and the effects of COVID-19 in Bulgaria.

Vladimir Danailov, Sofia’s Deputy Mayor for Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development, participated in the jury and looked for solutions that could benefit the city and whose further development we could support.

If you or your company would like to help these projects – either with expertise or with already developed solutions, please contact us, so that we could discuss the opportunities to support them together. All six projects are among the 15 finalists of the hackathon. 


Description of the projects


We’ll make it together is a mobile application and a site for quick training and coaching of people who would like to participate in volunteer initiatives. The team sought assistance in validating different scenarios of action in particular situations through organisations and individuals that coordinate volunteers – municipalities, NGOs, and companies that promote volunteering in their corporate policies and regularly participate in campaigns as part of their corporate social responsibility activities. 


Buy.Eat.Save. is a mobile app allowing restaurants or shops to offer food or products left at the end of the day (which they would otherwise have to throw away) at a lower price. Through the app, the users can find the restaurants and shops that are closest to their location. 




HospitalGen is a monitoring platform for hospitals which collects and updates data on the available medical supplies, vacant and occupied beds, and the needs of each hospital. The platform aims to unite and bring the data on the various needs of the hospitals at a centralized platform and to allow the different stakeholders (nurses, doctors, warehouse staff, crisis staff, volunteers) to have individual roles in the platform according to their activities. 


Book4Later is a portal, developed for the tourism and entertainment sectors. It uses a financial instrument whereby the user is given a buy/sell option which they claim now but use in the future. The full value of the requested option is paid only upon application. 


Arya Delivery is an online catalog for local Bulgarian producers. It aims to help the smaller and niche businesses in their digitalization and logistic organization processes. The Arya Delivery team wants to start with a pilot urban area in order to test their model and further develop it. Having all materials and content provided, Arya Delivery needs assistance related to:

  • media partnerships, advertising space, or any channel of communication which will provide faster promotion of the platform, so that more participants – businesses and clients – could join the catalog
  • logistics process support – i.e. locations for redistributing shipments from different courier dealers or locations where customers could pick their purchases on their own.


e-Notary aims to help notaries provide their services remotely so that people abroad and people with disabilities could obtain a more accessible way of notarization. The benefit for the notaries is the provided opportunity to turn towards foreign markets and work with clients from anywhere in the world.

e-Notary implies the creation of a cloud platform where clients could use digital versions of documents and contact a notary after their identity and personal data have been verified. The documents are to be signed through electronic signatures and saved in a safe and secure database where they cannot be modified.

The team behind e-Notary is looking for a maximum number of notary’s offices and notaries to help them verify their idea. 


Over 850 people worked under the mentorship of leading entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and proposed 111 projects to cope with the crisis during the Hackathon. #LetsHackTheCrisis, organized by Power of BG, gathered ideas from all over Bulgaria in three directions: Save Lives, Save Businesses, and Save Communities