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Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) Launches Operations

CEEC launches operations, representing 11 EU Member States from Central and Eastern Europe in Singapore

The Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) – CEEC officially launched operations and is now open to membership applications. The project initiated by EuroCham over a year agoр aims to create a platform in Singapore for companies and individuals to connect, network, develop and strengthen common business interests and opportunities between each other, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Singapore, and Southeast Asia.

A Strong Start with an Experienced Team
The Board of CEEC already includes members from Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Singapore. The full list of the members of the Board can be found here. The Chamber will welcome more additions soon in order to represent the entire Central and Eastern European region. “We are extremely excited to begin this chapter. The countries from Central and Eastern Europe were critically underrepresented in Singapore and we hope that CEEC (Singapore) can change this dramatically for the better”, said the first elected President Mr. Martin Angelov, who will remain on the Board of EuroCham Singapore, representing CEEC.
Kristina Anguelova, formerly EuroCham’s CEEC Project Manager has been appointed as Executive Director of the Chamber. “Kristina has tremendous knowledge and experience concerning all relevant stakeholders and the ecosystem, she headed the project for the European Chamber of Commerce and has contributed immensely to the creation of the Chamber. It was a natural progression “ said Mr Angelov.

CEEC (Singapore)

The Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (CEEC) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization registered with the Registry of Societies (ROS) in Singapore with the vision to strengthen the relationship between Central and Eastern Europe and Singapore. “From the total of the 11 EU Member States from Central and Eastern Europe (as classified by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)), there are only 3 embassies and only 4 trade offices in Singapore. For a long time there has been a need to create a dedicated structure. CEEC’s undertaking will be to assist the underrepresented countries and to enhance awareness between the two regions.” says Kristina. “Furthermore, the recently signed and ratified EUSFTA will also play an important role in CEEC’s mission. There are many opportunities for Singapore companies and investors in CEE.” added Mr. Angelov.
In 2019 the Chamber plans on facilitating various business, industry and social events to encourage cross-cultural relations between CEE and Singapore, aligned with its objectives.
Strong Collaboration and Cooperation Opportunities Between Singapore and Central and Eastern Europe

A significant percentage of businesses from CEE in Singapore are in technology, many of them are fintech companies. These firms offer innovative solutions of high level, in sectors such as construction and manufacturing, all relevant areas of focus of Singapore. Recently, PSA International, along with IFM Investors and the Polish Development Fund, acquired Gdansk’s Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT Gdansk), Poland’s biggest box terminal. CEEC (Singapore), together with the respective embassies and trade offices, hopes to support many partnerships and opportunities like that in the future.
For more information, please visit the website of CEEC (Singapore): ceec.org.sg or contact directly Mr. Martin Angelov, President of the Chamber (president@ceec.org.sg) and Ms. Kristina Anguelova, Executive Director at CEEC (kristina.anguelova@ceec.org.sg).