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Sofia Gets a New Digitalization and Innovation Department Within the City’s Management

Big Data Innovation in Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Analytics Developed by the Sofia-based team of AtScale 



A team of Bulgarian developers is at the heart of the latest huge leap in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud analytics. The thirty IT specialists are part of the Bulgarian team of AtScale, and their product is unique, with no equivalent in the world, according to the US software company. 

The whole coding, architecture, automatic and manual testing process of AtScale 2020.1 has been carried out entirely in Sofia and fully entrusted to Bulgarian engineers, thus becoming an important step towards the fulfillment of the ambition of the Silicon Valley-based company to start building 60% of its software at the Sofia-based Technology Center by the end of 2020 .

Redefining traditional data virtualization and delivering upon the promise of cloud transformation, AtScale 2020.1 provides secure, self-service analysis while reducing compute costs by 10x, query performance improvements of more than 12.5x and enhanced user concurrency by 61x (Source: AtScale Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark Report).

“AtScale 2020.1 is a major step toward achieving our long-term vision of delivering intelligent data virtualization to every enterprise. And the culprits for this exceptional product are our people in Sofia,” said Christopher Lynch, Executive Chairman and CEO of AtScale.”

When we first came to Bulgaria 1 year ago, we made a commitment that our future team here would work on par with the teams in California and Boston, and that they would build a product from start to finish. I’m happy we were able to bring together the best folks and give them the opportunity to do engineering at the highest level,” said Mathew Baird, Founder and CTO, AtScale.

Delivering on the promise of a single enterprise view of all analytics data, AtScale’s enhanced autonomous data engineering alleviates the performance and scale challenges of traditional data federation, manual data engineering and reliance on query caches. Additional enhancements in AtScale 2020.1 include a virtual cube catalog for simplified management of data assets and granular policy control that integrates natively with existing enterprise data catalog offerings.

“We have the chance to build a product with world-class features and functionalities. It wasn’t easy, but we are all very excited and happy with the final result. Every day, we are working on some of the most interesting technology challenges in the cloud, AI and machine learning, and we can’t wait to see what’s the big step ahead,” said Dimitar Manev, DevOps Lead in the Sofia team of AtScale.

AtScale opened its office in Bulgaria just a year ago, with the idea to invest $ 25 million over the next 36 months. The company has attracted 30 developers, with the ambition to double their number by the end of 2020.