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“Go Global!” is the forum for Bulgarian companies looking to expand their businesses on the international market. The event is intended to companies who already export their products or services to foreign markets and are looking  for more opportunities for expansion, or yet they are considering trading abroad.The forum will feature some of the most successful examples of bulgarian companies who will talk about the challenges they have faced, the risks they have taken and the doors they have opened to join the big players on the global scene.

Experts, international consultants and business leaders will share their knowledge and experience, provide guidance on how to choose the right markets, how to communicate effectively, how to find the best distribution channel, and how to access finance.

The event is organised by the British-Bulgarian Business Association.

For more information and registrations, please visit go-global.




The event is part of the application window in the Strategy+Business Lab prEXCELerator 2019.

Participation is free upon registration on the website of the event.