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Accommodation in Sofia (extract from “Sofia: Tourism and Air Transport 2017” Report

Tourists in Sofia (extract from “Sofia: Tourism and Air Transport 2017” Report)

In 2016, the number of visitors in Sofia went up to 1 197 654. A total of 458 867 of them came from other places in Bulgaria and 738 697 or 61.7% came from abroad.




According to the report, the highest number of tourists came from Germany, Greece and Great Britain with 49 982, 48 102 and 44 227 respectively.








Mastercard-Globla-Destination-CitiesSofia was among the top 3 cities in Europe with the highest growth of international visitors for the period 2009 – 2016, with an average increase of 9.4%, according to Mastercard report “Global Destination Cities Index”, published in September 2017.

Most of the visits, or 87.2%, were with the purpose of holiday tourism, and the remaining 12.8% had business purposes. Along with the development of congress tourism in the capital and the forthcoming presidency of the Council of the EU, it is expected that the number of business visits will grow significantly.


More detailed data on the growth of the number of international tourists in the capital is available in the full version of the “Tourism and Air Transport in Sofia” report.

To the full PDF report.

“Sofia: Tourism and Air Transport Market 2017” report contains data, analysis and conclusions on the tourism sector in the capital as of September 2017. The document presents an overview of the main indicators of the dynamic growth in the sector – number of tourists by country of origin and reason for visit, the accommodation capacity, traffic at Sofia Airport, opportunities for development of congress tourism in the city and trends in the industry.