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Sofia Meets Oslo. Oslo Meets Sofia – First Stage Live

sofia meets oslo

Sofia is no longer just an outsourcing partner but a business destination that creates new products and solutions, said Vladimir Danailov, CEO of Sofia Investment Agency at the opening conference of “Sofia Meets Oslo. Oslo Meets Sofia”, on January, 24 in Sofia.

The conference set the beginning of series of initiatives aiming to strengthen trade relationships between Bulgaria and Norway and to facilitate business contacts among companies and institutions which want to share experience, exchange ideas and best practices.

Sofia Investment Agency partners in this project with the Sofia office of the Norwegian state agency “Innovation Norway” which offers financial support for companies focused on the integration of innovative business practices.

The conference started with welcome speeches by the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova and Hon. Tove Bruvik Uestberg, Ambassador of Norway to Bulgaria. “Sofia Municipality is ready to support any business practices that share the vision for the development of our capital as an innovative and green city.”, Fandakova said.

Over 30 representatives from leading Bulgarian and Norwegian companies and organizations discussed business development opportunities in the fields of green technology, smart cities, and entrepreneurship.

The conference outlined the advantages and the perspective areas for future cooperation between Bulgarian and Norwegian companies.

Ventseslava Yanchovska, Manager of “Innovation Norway” for Bulgaria, presented funding opportunities for Bulgarian companies planning to integrate innovative and high technology projects. “To help, to apply transparent models and stimulate competitiveness is the main focus of “Innovation Norway” – said Mrs. Yanchovska. “The financial and methodological support we provide to Bulgarian companies helps them grow and step out on international markets.”

The first stage of the project “Sofia Meets Oslo. Oslo Meets Sofia” will continue with several meetings between Norwegian institutions and business representatives with local Bulgarian companies and technology organizations. During the second stage of the initiative, Bulgarian representatives will travel to Norway to meet their potential partners.

To apply for the “Oslo meets Sofia” phase of the project, please visit: