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Bulgaria Remains among the Top 20 Most Attractive Outsourcing Destinations

Bulgaria remains in the top 20 of the annual ranking for the most attractive outsourcing destinations of the consulting company A.T. Kearney. The index of the consultancy comprises 55 countries and is calculated on the basis of three indicators – financial attractiveness, availability and qualification of staff and business environment.

In 2015, our country was in the top ten but in recent years it has been constantly stepping back, mainly due to increase of taxes, insurance and regulation costs. Nevertheless, in general the business climate remains stable and our country is a competitive destination for outsourcing, retaining its leading position before the Czech Republic, Romania, Germany and the UK. The country’s profile includes large investments in services outsourced by Coca-Cola HVS, Uber and Service Source.

Since the first edition of the index in 2004 the top three positions are held by India, China and Asia Minor.