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Image source: Acronis Bulgaria

Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection and hybrid cloud solutions, has officially launched its new European office and R&D center in Sofia. The grand opening was held on St. Stefano Street in the heart of Sofia, where the company currently occupies two floors of San Stefano Plaza. The Singapore-based company starts operations in Sofia with a team of 30 specialists and is on track to grow to 50 people by the end of the year and to 300 people in the next three years.

We are happy that Sofia Investment Agency has been partnering in the process of establishing the Acronis R&D Center for the past few months after we first met with the Acronis due diligence team in April. We presented the business climate, the working and living conditions in Bulgaria and Sofia in front of 50 Acronis software engineers from Moscow. Furthermore, we provided support in the establishment of key contacts in different fields to ensure the successful start of the expansion of the center in Sofia.



Plamen Toshev, Managing Director, Acronis Bulgaria:

“We highly appreciate all the efforts and support that Sofia Investment Agency provided Acronis with during the time of setting up our business in Sofia. Meeting all our precise needs, the agency helped us for very fast, smooth and efficient entering to the Bulgarian market.”


The office in Bulgaria is a key R&D center for Acronis in Europe, which is focused on cyber protection, data center operations, and the development of Acronis products and services. The new center will be the latest addition to Acronis’ R&D centers currently operating in Asia, Europe and America. The office will be a part of a globally distributed network of engineering facilities that will sustain the development of cyber protection, artificial intelligence, and blockchain-based technologies 24 hours a day.

The company will also engage in active collaboration with local universities and educational institutions to provide training skill improvement in the IT sector.

“Congratulations to Acronis for deciding to open a new office in Bulgaria. Every new investor and their trust are very important for our country, and new workplaces are a great stimulus to bring qualified personnel back to the country. Bulgaria has proved its potential in developing the high-tech sector. Our priority is the investment in products and services with high value-add component, which take our economic development to a qualitatively new level,” Deputy Prime Minister of Republic Bulgaria Tomislav Donchev said at the grand opening ceremony.