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Living in Sofia: Еverything You Need to Know on How to Make Sofia, Bulgaria Your Home! (pdf)


Sofia is a beautiful city that is growing and changing every day. A city that is developing as a startup, innovation and creative hub of Central and Eastern Europe with a constantly improving urban environment. Sofia is surrounded by mountains, full of parks, gardens and mineral springs and offers a great cultural and nightlife.

To help those who consider settling down and exploring business opportunities in Sofia, Innovative Sofia, the new ‘Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development’ department of Sofia Municipality, just published the first Sofia: Quality of Life guide. In this step-by-step guide, you will find everything you need to know before you move in: cost of living, study and work options, the weather in the city, leisure, culture and tourism opportunities, as well as how to find a home, how to register a bank account, how to travel across the city and explore Sofia as a local, and even a list of useful words and phrases.



Here are some reasons why living in Sofia sounds like a great idea.

  • – Expats rank Bulgaria 1st in the world in terms of cost of living. 
  • – Bulgaria ranks 6th in the “Finding Friends” and 7th in the “Feeling at Home” indicators 
  • – 91% of expats are happy with their costs in Bulgaria.
  • – Sofia ranks 28th out of over 400 cities and regions worldwide in English proficiency. The most commonly spoken languages are English, German and Russian.
  • – Sofia ranks 27th in concentration of knowledge-intensive jobs among 278 European regions
  • – 10.1 % of the working age population in Sofia is employed in brain business jobs, which is more than twice the national average and higher than the European average of 6.3%.


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About Innovative Sofia

The ‘Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development’ department of Sofia Municipality was established in 2020 to support Sofia’s development as a smart, digital, innovative, and tech city. The new Department will consolidate and guide all of the city’s digital and smart city projects and will continue to support high-tech and R&D investors in Sofia. It will focus on increasing the number and quality of municipal e-services, open data and smart city projects implementation.