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The Sofia-Based E-Car Sharing Company Spark to Expand to Bucharest


Spark, the first electric car sharing company in Bulgaria, announced its plans to enter the market in Romania. Spark launched its business a year ago in cooperation with the Bulgarian company Eldrive, active in building infrastructure for charging stations for electric cars, and with the Lithuanian e-car sharing company Rideshare.

In September 2017, Spark started its activities with 25 cars in Sofia, but increased its fleet to 100 cars this year. The company plans to expand its fleet in the capital to 400 cars in 2019. Spark grew in Sofia with an investment from the NEVEQ EU Venture Capital Fund. The service quickly found clients in Sofia and is now looking for further expansion to other European capitals. Bucharest is chosen to be the next destination.

In Sofia, the service has over 20.000 users registered in the Spark mobile application allowing them to find and rent cars. Eldrive has more than 60 charging stations in the capital. Users are mostly people with modern urban lifestyle in the 25-40 age group. The service is mostly used as an alternative to private cars, with an average driving time of about 20 minutes or between 8 and 12 kilometers per rental.

You can learn more about Spark and Eldrive from the Bulgarian section of the online media