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Sofia is a welcoming city, standing out among the European capitals with its ancient history and culture, young and talented population, dynamic lifestyle and artistic evenings. Sofia has an impressive atmosphere attracting even the pickiest tourist.

The city has well-functioning infrastructure, a strong educational system, vibrant startup and business community that can make living and working in Sofia an amazing experience for you and the family you may want to bring.

Are you curious about living and working in Sofia? Follow the links below for general tips and information about the city.

Connectivity, Culture and Living

Sofia was founded around 7000 BC by the Thracians, later home to Slavs and during the centuries ruled by the Roman Empire and the Ottomans. Today, one of the oldest capitals in Europe lies on top of rich history and ancient ruins. The city has 1,400 cultural monuments and landmarks.

Sofia’s population exceeds 1.3 million over an area of 492m2, making it the 15th largest city in the European Union, a well connected crosspoint between Europe and Asia. Most major European hub airports are located at a 1- to 3-hour flight from Sofia.

Sofia is a growing tourist destination. In 2017, the city was within the Top 3 cities in Europe in growth of international visitors*. At 550 m above sea level, Sofia is one of the highest capitals in Europe, sitting at the base of Vitosha Mountain, easily accessible from the city for a day or half-day trips, a convenient place to hike, mountain bike and ski.

Sofia’s economy is growing at a rapid pace. The city was ranked among the top 10 best performing cities in Europe in 2017**. It is the financial, educational, cultural, business and commercial centre and the biggest city-economy in Bulgaria and has one of the most vibrant start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe.

*Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, 2017
**Best-performing Cities, Europe 2017, Milken Institute

With more than 1.3 million people, Sofia is the biggest and most populated city in the country and a crossroad between East and West. The city has a global reputation of a vibrant technology centre, and offers easy access to the EU investment funds and the European 550 million consumer market.

It takes only 3 days to register a business in Sofia. The required company capital is 1 euro. Sofia has the lowest corporate tax in EU – 10% flat and the lowest personal income tax in EU – 10% flat.


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There is a great variety of organisations in Sofia that could provide you with the information you need, help you start your business and make you feel at home from day one. Some of them are:

Sofia Investment Agency
Invest Bulgaria Agency
Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
Municipal Guarantee Fund for SME-s, Sofia

Don’t forget to check how your Embassy and/or Consulate present in Sofia could help you.

There is a number of a foreign trade departments, chambers of commerce and business associations that could provide you with useful insights, information and support. You can find a list of those here.