Май, 2019

28МАЙ - 29МАЙ 280:00МАЙ 29jPrime Conference 2019


The jPrime Conference, organized by the Jprime will take place from 28th May to 29th May 2019 at the Sofia Tech Park. This is a conference with talks on Java, various languages on the JVM, mobile, web and best practices, run by the Bulgarian Java User Group and backed by the biggest companies in the city.

jPrime features a combination of great international speakers along with the best presenters from Bulgaria and the Balkans. It is divided in two tracks and provides great opportunities for learning, hacking, networking and fun.


28 (вторник) 0:00 - 29 (сряда) 0:00


Sofia Tech Park, JA Startup Hambar

Sofia Tech Park JSC 111, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia